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10 best open relationship rules for your partner

Open relationship rules are just to set boundaries for a person. Have you been in such a relationship?

Many of you wouldn’t know what open relationship rules, right?

Don’t worry you’ll get to know about it. Firstly open relationship rules are a bit complicated.

Q1. What does it mean?

open relationship

  • Open relationship rules begin where females and males have a mutual understanding and are agreeing to share a non-monogamous lifestyle.

Q2. Does this open relationship work?

open relationship work

  • In such relationships where both individuals have their mutual understanding. There is only 4-5 percent of these relationships that works, rest is lack of mutual understanding or is unable to understand the concept of this relationship as well as open relationship rules.

Q3. Why open relationships bad?

bad relationship

  • When you are in open relationship rules it means comforting the limits of your relationships. But, sometimes when you get to know about the personal love life of your partner you may get jealous. But, unfortunately, you can’t do anything which leads to bad relationships.

Q4.  Are these types of relationships healthy?

healthy relationship

  • Yes, these relationship rules are a kind of healthy relationship query as compared to common relationships because, the study found that partners in these relationships are happy, satisfied, and well-been experience.

Q5. Do they fight?

healthy realtiosnhip

  • Mayor may not. If you are in a romantic relationship then yes, at some point you and your partner are going to fight. But, most couples prefer to argue as little as possible.

Here come some rules

  1. Set sex boundaries.

sex boundaries

It is one of the most important rules to be set between the partners. It’s okay! To discuss sex. Don’t feel shy. Your sex rules should also include safe sex practices. Is penetrative sex oaky? Oral? Kissing? To solve these types of questions the frequent talk about sex is a must. “It’s better to talk about these things in advance rather than risking a partner’s life or disappointing him/her”. Better, it’s better to talk before entering an open relationship.

  1. Set emotional boundaries.

emotional boundaries, open relationship rules

Every person may or may not get emotionally attach to the partners, and start feeling jealous if he or she is dating someone in their personal life. For example- if you and your partner are comfortable doing random hookups and having fun, but on another side, you are chasing and stacking him/her with someone else on social media. Besides, feeling guilt, then navigating the emotional guidelines can be trickier than the physical ones. You should be emotionally strong if you want to be in an open relationship.

  1. Ensure who it’s cool to hook up with.

hooking up, open relationship rules

Many of us can relate open- relationships as “open with everyone”. And, here’s the point comes where many of the couples get in trouble. Before entering into a relationship just be fair and clear with your partner. There are 2 kinds of people who might be comfortable to be in an open relationship with whom they met in office parties or clubs. Also, some are comfortable with someone whom they know for many years or the person referred from their knowing ones. Be clear enough to commit as per your needs.

  1. Be clear about your time tenure.

time be clear, open relationship rules

It’s a basic or we can say a deal of a relationship that for hoe many days or months it will go to work. Here, you can have a commitment with your partner in many ways like, make a schedule or you can say a time slot that between these hours you goona spend with your partner, or you can deal till you find some other partner. Moreover, this commitment can only be successful if the person is ready to accept the time duration.

  1. Taking about your relationship with others.

 talking about relationship, open relationship rules

It is the hardest or we can say the most sensitive question between the couples. Should we reveal our open relationship and the open relationship rules or not?  Is, this okay?

There, are two kinds of couples, first, who are excited enough to tell about their personal lives. Not only this, it feels like an achievement in their life. Don’t care at all about what piece of shit will others going to say, but they are also as crystal clear water and wants’ to share their details.

And, on the other side, there are some couple who doesn’t want to reveal their relationship, who just want to hookup personally without any interference of others. Make clear that if you are ensuring that you will not gonna tell anyone so make sure that you will not.

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