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10+ cute first date outfit ideas men can use (2020)

The first date is exciting, right? If you take it in a good way. But, what makes a good impression? Obviously clothes with a good hairstyle. Confused? Don’t worry here are first date outfit ideas men can use for themselves.

How to style? What shoes to wear? Which color pattern to choose? There’s a lot of things to think of. But, not anymore. So, how to do the work with a dress or your first date.

Things to Remember

A few things which on first date outfit ideas men should remember always:

  • Know your body type: Well, first and foremost thing, know your body type. This will help you in knowing what type of clothes will suit you. This will let you know what makes you look good and worse.
  • Don’t overdo: Keep things decent as much as you can. Overdoing things won’t make things better rather will make it awkward and weird. Keeping things simple will make a better impression
  • Make sure clothes are ironed: How would you feel if you’re meeting a person for a date and their clothes are wrinkled? Of course, you’ll feel bad about it. That’s exactly how the person would feel if you don’t iron your clothes.
  • Keep the date in mind: Place matters! Dress according to the place. Imagine you’re going to a disco party and wearing formals, how would it make you feel? Embarrassed right? So, dress according to the place you’re going to date for.

The Twinning Outfit

first date outfit ideas men, twinning outfits

Do you look at a couple and think how are they looking so good together? Twinning takes it a step further. Imagine, you and your partner wearing matching outfits how would you look? Isn’t it a great first date ideas men could have for themselves and their partner?

Twinning not only stands you out of the crowd but also build confidence towards each other. Well, there are a lot of color combinations that you can choose from and look best together. One of the finest first date outfit ideas men can surprise their lady with.

Solid or Pattern Shirts

What makes a good looking first date men’s outfit which can work everywhere? Your guess is right, a shirt. Remember to choose the shirt in solid colors or with decent patterns. Too many funky patterns can make a bad impact.

solid shirts for men

Just not to make it make sure to have a decent pattern or go with plain solid colors. Along with this, you can go with chinos if you’re wearing a dark solid, or pattern color. Don’t brainstorm ideas. Scroll down you’ll come to know about new first date outfit ideas men can use on their date.

first date outfit ideas men, pattern shirt

This will make your personality glow among others. One of the best first date outfit ideas men could ever have for them.


Who doesn’t like chinos? Every man has at least one chino in their wardrobe. This not only makes you look better but also makes you look more confident about yourself. Chinos change your whole personality at one go.

chinos for men

Not only with casuals but it can make you look perfect in semi-formals. Moreover, wearing sneakers with it can add up to your glow. Looks on first date matters. It is among the best suggestion for first date outfit ideas men could have and implement accordingly.

Besides chinos you can prefer other trousers or jeans which look good on you. Also, if you know what colors make you personality look better, it can really make a better date and a better day for you.

first date outfit ideas men, jeans for men

Adding a good contrast of shirt/t-shirt with a pair of chinos or jeans can really level up your game. Let’s make it easy for you. We will do the opposite.

Just think you’re going to date and you are wearing a sky blue color rugged jeans with yellow and orange shoes. What does it make you look like? A person with no dress sense.

Now, let’s get it right.

You have your first date outfit ideas men usually have. You choose to wear a solid color plain or printed dark blue shirt with chinos and sneakers. What would look better on you? Obviously, the second one because it makes you look decent and good looking than the previous one.

T-shirts can do wonders

What can make you look casual and smart at the same time? T-shirts! Perfect example of goof T-shirt is polo ones. Best colors with good contrast which go in semi formals as well as casuals.

t-shirt for men

Not only these t-shirts are comfortable, so worries to get uncomfortable during the date. First date ideas men have, confuses them, right? The confusion is about not overdoing anything at any time.

And, managing everything can make things hard, because men get nervous when we’re in front of our crush.

PRO TIP: Don’t wear a t-shirt that looks loose as well as wrinkled. An ironed t-shirt with a proper fit can make a huge impact on a person’s mind.

Accessories are must

Sometimes just wearing clothes isn’t enough. You might look good but what can make you look best is what you need to know. Accessories can help you reach so.

first date outfit ideas men, accessories for men

But the main question comes, what type of accessories will suit you. Watches, bracelets, and much more can help you achieve it. Anyways, let’s get into gentlemen’s rule, that might help you a bit.

Shoes, belts, and watches shall have the same color, this will add up to your contrast.

Additional tip: If you’re in a cold place, DENIM JACKET and SWEATSHIRT are the best to wear. These not only goes with the outfit you’re wearing but also makes you look buffed. These first date outfit ideas can really blow up your date in a good way.

Forgot about shoes

shoes for men

Shoes are one of those things which everyone notices. Besides, shoes change along with the outfit, so how to choose the best ones for yourself. Well, shoes have a lot of variety out of which you can choose the best one for yourself.

Every time you wear a pair of shoes, make sure they are clean. No one likes dirty shoes. And while wearing formal shoes, you need to clean them will they start shining and add up to your personality.

This one of the best suggestions for the first date outfit men could ever have. When you’re wearing casual clothes, go with sneakers. This makes you look perfect.

What color should a man wear on a first date?

There are a lot of colors out of which you can choose from. Rather than going for specific colors, make a combination of clothes. Solid dark color trouser with a light color shirt or t-shirt. Adding to it, a watch or a bracelet if you like to wear polished shoes. This is the best outfit which you can wear.

What is a good outfit for a first date?

A definition of good outfit changes along with the person. You need to know the color combination which suits your body and make you look confident. For a casual outfit, you can wear a t-shirt with a chino. Or can wear a formal outfit with clean and polished shoes. That can make you look perfect. Remember to wear comfortable clothes that are more important.

What should you not wear on a first date?

1. Don’t wear wrinkled clothes.
2. Don’t wear too loose or too tight clothes.
3. Avoid wearing absurd pattern clothes.
4. Prefer not too wear uncomfortable clothes.
5. Brands don’t matter on dates.

Are jeans OK for a first date?

If you’re going to date with casual clothes. Jeans are perfect. Besides, men and women both prefer this clothing over others because of its various factors like clothing and and comfortability which jeans can provide.

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