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15+ best young couple date ideas 2021 (UNIQUE)

Do everyone enjoy their time when they are young? Most of us do. We cherish memories together, we remember some people who were part of out lives.

Besides, being young is what everyone and enjoys.

And if you’re a young couple and wanting a date but can’t plan it. We got your back. We are bringing some best young couple date ideas which you can get for your date.

Not only you can impress your date but also be in their good books at an initial stage already.

There are numerous young couple date ideas you could follow. Just choose the best one for yourself and go with it.

Cook Together

young couple cooking together, young couple date ideas

Food is the way to get to a person’s heart. Get them delicious food and you’re done.

Hunger not only irritates but changes the whole atmosphere for the person. And to make your partner feel special, cook them good food and surprise them. That’s the least expected thing you could do to make their mood.

This not only shows the efforts you put for the relationship but also the concern you show for the other person.

Well, especially for young couples it could be the best young couple date ideas with almost zero budget.

Movie night at HOME

movie night at home

Do you enjoy having time with your partner? Of course you do!

Doing some binge watching and cuddling becomes one of the best experiences. However, this is what could be memorable or could be made memorable.

You must be wondering HOW, right?

Here’s the thing you need to keep in mind. Firstly, cook your partner delicious food. Then, setup a date at home, light candles, decorate room and play soothing music. As soon as you’re done with that, watch your favorite show and that’s all.

Play games – setting up Dares

young couple date ideas, couple playing games

You have performed dares in front of your friends just to maintain your image, right?

But, things might get spiced up as soon as you set up dares with your partner. It’s not necessary to play a certain game but you can go ahead with any game and then go ahead.

While you go with you can actually get some intimate moments which are private.

However, this could eventually take a turn which neither of the partner expects.

Move into BARS

couple at club

Often, in clubs and bars we see a fun side of our partner. Besides, these things are must for a couple life.

A unique memory which adds to the chapter of experience in the book of life.

However, sometimes having drinks together breaks the awkwardness between the two and actually brings out some sides which you barely see in each other every day. This could add to the list of young couple date ideas in this modern day.

Rent a boat

young couple date ideas, rent a boat

Every person has a place where they want to sit silent and admire which they got in their life.

Have you got any place for yourself? If not, going out in a lake with a boat and enjoying the view is one of the best things which you could do together.

New ideas and new thoughts with new conversations happens at such places. This has to be the best among young couple date ideas. Instead, it is best for any couple that goes on a date.

Walk into a plant nursery

couple at plant nursery

Nature can calm you down, we all agree to that, right?

But, how can it make things exciting for us? There is a little experience you could try.

Simply visit a plant nursery, it not only amazes you but also gives you an astounding experience which is worth memorable. Having such experience is what people enjoy seeing in their photo collection.

Well, this probably what teens like, a chilling cool atmosphere. Couple be the best young couple date ideas for nature lovers.

Try something at a new restaurant

young couple date ideas, try something at a new restaurant

Have you visited every restaurant in your block?

Obviously not! We often go at the same place again and again which closes out a lot of options for us.

But, how would things go, when you could explore every restaurant in your block and have the best dish which you could not only fill your stomach but also your heart?

For this new experience, simply go out with your partner, pick a new restaurant and order. REST you’ll have the experience, either good or bad.

Have a day for drinks

couple having drinks

To be honest every one is not good in the kitchen?

Many of you would agree to this line. But, we can learn things just to make our partner feel special, right?

Little efforts makes a relationship. In addition to this, you both can choose this as a hobby. However, this can build chemistry between both of you and could take things a step further.

Adding some food and candles with some decoration to make it one of the best young couple date ideas with cheap budget which you really impress your partner.

Move out and explore your city

young couple date ideas, couple travelling

Do you actually know what is the most exciting thing about your city? Have you explored it enough?

Most of the times, people answer it with a big NO. Because, everyone is busy with their work and there’s no time to enjoy moments which people want to.

Rather than living life with time, if we try to live the moments, things could become more exciting and precious.

Moving out and exploring your own city could make things exciting for you and being young makes it one of the key memories of life. Traveling solo is always an option but travelling with your partner and being young makes it a blessing.

The best young couple date ideas you could think of.

Stargazing is best

couple stargazing

Some things are calming and we want to keep those moments for life.

Well, these things makes memories. And of this which you could enjoy is stargazing at anyplace. At mid-night, with the love of your life and having the best environment you could is what this stargazing could do.

This is what most couples don’t experience, but if you’re experiencing this you have had the best moments of you life.

This most is in the list of couple goals, which tops every young couple date ideas.

A short trip to a beach

young couple date ideas, couple at beach

Taking a break from your daily busy schedule and taking a stress-free holiday is what every one wants.

We can’t always work, work and work! But, what to do in such scenarios. Simple!

Pack your bags for the weekend, and leave for the beach nearest to you. Spending one night at beach makes it all worth it. A relieved break from daily life which freshens up your body and mind.

Moreover, if your partner loves beaches, plan a date right on beach, it could makes things perfect for them as well as you.

A spa day is necessary

couple spa

Do you love massage?


This is one of the must try things with your partner. This is what you could do together and have fun along with it. If not, give massage to each other, that becomes more satisfying.

As you’re done with it, have a delicious meal which could end up as the best young couple date ideas.

Refresh your childhood memories

refresh your childhood memories, young couple date ideas

Childhood photos are what brings tears of happiness in your eyes.

A flashback of memories and moments which you had once in your life. Sharing such memories makes a happy moment which you don’t want to skip.

Most of these things happen when you’re lost in memories. This not only builds trust but also sets foundation for your relationship with your partner. Well, there are a lot of things which you can use to tease your partner in a healthy way.

Spend some time at an animal shelter

spend sometime at animal shelter

For animal loves, this place is heaven. Leave them in animal shelter and they can spend their lives living their happily.

If your partner is one of these, you can do a lot of things for them. One of the best young couple date ideas which you think of is, get a room, and a lot of puppies. Just leave your partner in that room.

Sit back and see how happy your partner would be.

That’s all worth it and turns everything happy and better for the relationship as well.

Visit a holy place you never did

young couple date ideas, visit a holy place

World is full of holy places, but how many of us actually know the story of our own culture?

Very little, but what makes it important? What we are and who we are is what exactly makes it exciting. This is what most of us miss out on. A young couple should probably figure this out about themselves.

Well, knowing who you are and exploring it from the roots makes it more vulnerable for us. This could count as one of the unique young couple date ideas which you could think of.

What can couples do on a date?

1. Hiking together
2. Cook together
3. Visit beach or mountain
4. Boating or skiing
5. Watching a movie together
6. Have a SPA

Where should I take my boyfriend on a date?

1. Go to an amusement park
2. Long drives
3. Eating a new restaurants
4. Stargazing
5. Playing favorite games on play-station
6. Make drinks together

What are some cute cheap date ideas?

1. Visit animal shelter
2. Candle light dinner at home
3. Watch childhood photos of each other
4. Go for long walk at night
5. Share a hobby together

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