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16 top short hairstyles of 2019 to do in COVID-19

Hairstyles can become confusing most of the time, right? Even there is a change in the short hairstyles of 2019-20, isn’t it?

But what kind of hairstyle will suit you the most?

You can refer your haircut to the short hairstyles of the 2019-20 list given below. In addition to this, every haircut depends on your choice. The first thing a person notices in you is your haircut. If hairstyle looks perfect your impression is good automatically.

Short hairstyles of 2019

1. Side-parted blunt Bob

side parted blunt bob

Among, the short hairstyles of 2019 look bob is one of the new and trendy hairstyles for girls. It is also called a straight-across cut. It’s your choice that how will be caring this hairstyle, curly or straight. This is the cutest hairstyle, for which you need proper tools, including hair products too.

2. Angled short bob

angled bob

Angled short bob is one of the pristine looks of a short hairstyle. You can style it with various lengths and bounce. Keeping a little bit longer from the back and some flecks in front can make your look more attractive and stylish. This is among the best short hairstyles of 2019 which anyone can use to look better each and every day.

3. Blonde pixie cut

blonde pixie cut, short haristyles 2019

The blonde pixie cut is a variant for older women. It is a mixture of choppy layers and the perfect dimension of classic cut. It will make you look youthful and cool. Sometimes mess looks good. This hairstyle is only about this, that’s the reason why it is among the short hairstyles of 2019

4. Bouncy Bob

 bouncy bob

Bouncy bob cut is a way of getting an expert layered cut. You can have an experiment with this hairstyle while keeping it straight, or you can give it extra volume by using curls. This not only enhances your facial features but also helps you to get way more attention because of this hairstyle.

5. Mature short layered cut

Mature short layered cut

Deciding short- hairstyles are a good choice when you want to do some low – maintenance. This, the mature short layered cut can give you a sassy look and will give your look style. This gives a blunt look to the mature women around you. Also, it counts as the top short hairstyles of 2019.

6. Youthful pixie haircut

Youthful pixie haircut.

Usually, women or girls get worried when their stylist suggested them chop their long hairs, don’t worry girls youthful pixie haircut not only gives you young look but also save your hours of styling long hairs. Pixie haircut enhances facial features and you become more attractive to the people. This short hairstyle of 2019 can bring wonders to your personalithy

7. Layered platinum Bob

Layered platinum Bob

This hairstyle is widely style by older women. If you want to go with layered platinum bob, the color perfectly masks any pesky grey, so that you don’t have to worry about constant touch-ups.
Enhance your hairstyles with front flicks.

8. Rounded bob with stacked Nape

Rounded bob with stacked Nape

It is a classic look for mature women, as they are full of elegance. It looks like a crown on your head. After, the cut when you comb or dry your hairs with dryer it gives you a perfect cut.

9. Choppy blonde pixie with long side bangs

Choppy blonde pixie with long side bangs, short hairstyles 2019

The pixie is one of the most popular hairstyles for older women. This is a perfect hairstyle for women having thin volumes. If you combine pixie with long side bangs and choppy layers, through this you can have a good hairstyle. Bangs and pixie works best together, that’s the reason why this is the list of top short hairstyles of 2019.

10. Angled undercut hairstyle

Angled undercut hairstyle, short hairstyles 2019

Women can experiment with their hairs, to get a traditionally masculine look. Make it feminine with a long, straight top and blonde hue ample of highlights. Your hair should have proper volume and should have good strength.

Some hairstyles that will make you look 10 years younger.

 Some Extras

  • Soft bangs

Soft bangs

Bangs are new trends, considering the face type, and using them accordingly. Moreover, they can follow any hairstyle you are looking up to. If you have light feathered hair this can be a great choice fr you. Not only this, but these hairstyles on adding a specific amount of volume can also make you look more glowing than the ones around you.

  • Wavy bob

Wavy bob

Trending haircuts around the world. Short and medium-length use most of this haircut. Also, many celebrities use this haircut. No additional expense to maintain, just adding some texture and volume is enough to maintain its hype. Besides, this wavy bob has so many variations, you can try every hairstyle and still won’t get bore of it.

  • Pixie


Whenever you’re out and the wind blows, what’s the first thing you do? Yes, fix your hairstyle. But, in pixie haircut, there is no need to worry about it. It is among the best and easy short hairstyles of 2019-20 for women. Just comb and surprise you’re done with your hairstyle.

  • Bob

Bob hairstyle, short hairstyles 2019

Short hairstyles for women 2019-20 which is boom till today. Bob haircuts are famous among many teens around the globe. If you are among those who want to look bold and stylish at the same time. This hairstyle is surely for you, giving you a confident and bold look.

  • Layered mid-length style with a heavy fringe hairstyle

Layered mid-length style with a heavy fringe, short hairstyles 2019

Medium length with a heavy fringe can be done at home. Adding to this, not only you can add your amount of texture and volume, but you can also fix locks by yourself. Even for special occasions, you can go with this hairstyle giving you an overall romantic look. This is one of the best short hairstyles of 2019.

  • Messy shag haircut

16 top short hairstyles of 2019 to do in COVID-19

Do you have a sense of vintage collections? Do you like to follow vintage trends in this modern era? If YES, then this hairstyle is for you. In this era, the short hairstyles of 2019-20 have brought out major changes. Multi-layered haircut with lots of texture, you can bring this hairstyle to your collection of haircuts

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