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3 Suprising things at Moschino Fashion Show

Inspiring the world around the Moschino fashion show is more than what you think.

Adding to the list of Victoria Secrets, Dreamwalk, this is one of the bangers of all time.

Jeremy Scott, the man behind this fashion show is himself creator for many models, designers, and labels all over the globe. Amazing the world with a vintage look is what he is best at. Surprising fashion week is that which is unexpected.

Moreover, somethings might get off your eyes but not off your head. This is what this fashion week is all about.

Remembering PICASSO

Moschino fashion show

We all know who PICASSO was. One of the greatest painters of all time. Why Scott is such a great designer because he shows the vintage looks which are not seen by anyone before. Not only this, but he also impresses everyone by his unique style letting everyone think and love it each and every time.

The Retro Looks

retro looks

Have you seen black and white movies of earlier times? Nostalgia is what hits our parents when they see such things. They remember habits they had, moments they lived in and what life they had. Similarly, fashion has its own retro times. Same as hair styling and trends which fashion follows with time.



This fashion week got a game called ‘The Price is Right‘. Not only this the right guesser remembers it buy memorizes the moments of their childhood. Blows off everything right. This is what happens in such fashion shows when they happen. Making them more memorable than before.

In spite of doing all such things, it is not the only this which Jeremy Scott did in this. Besides, inspired by games back in those days, dresses included all the coins, dollar notes, gold and many more things which a model’s wardrobe consists of. Making it spectacular than any other thing around the fashion show.

No doubt, Moschino Fashion Show wins heart each and every time it happens in the year making an impact all over the fashion industry leaving with memories. This being one of the most difficult things which can ever happen to a person, bring back childhood memories. Only these kinds of fashion designers can create such creativity in the fashion industry booming and keeping the spark alive inside each and every individual.

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