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4 simple short beard styles at home

Are you among those who follow short beard styles?

If yes, you would be the one confused about your beard style. Right?

Thinking and choosing one of the best beard styles which suits you is one of the most difficult tasks among men. Besides, getting a good beard style can make you look better and worse at the same time.

But what defines a good/ perfect beard. Taking care of a beard is like taking care of a girlfriend, more hygienic it is better it is.

Most of the men suffer in choosing short beard styles. Not only this, even maintaining them, here are some styles which you can follow in your life.

Short Stubble

short stubble beard

Keeping a full beard irritates you? Well, this won’t. What this board is all about? A simple answer is class. Easy to maintain and followed by most men worldwide. Even maintaining doesn’t take a lot of time. Using a trimmer, trim the hair growing above the cheekbone and do the same if hair grows below adam apple. This enhances your face features making your eyes and lips more attractive to a person.


goatee short beard styles

This is most popular among various celebrities, college students, and majorly men in their early 20s. Moreover, this style has a lot of variations which you can use according to yourself. Even, you have changed is according to your face type and make yourself look much better than before. This is what most of the men follow even, maintaining it is not much of a task. Keep trimming the hair around the jawline and not near the chin.

The Beardstache


You can say it is a version of a full beard. Rather the most focus is on a mustache and maintaining a stubble beard. We all know what it looks like. This type of beard style is more popular these days. Every man wants to look tuff and hardcore with his personality. This is a beard style that can help you with it. In addition, this is what you add to your list if you want to look one of that hardcore.

Full french beard

full french

This beard suits to a man who is growing a bit older. And even keeping care of this style is one of the easiest tasks. No hair along the cheek and jawline. Keeping a good mustache and french beard combined can make your personality look bold and better at the same time. Most of the celebrities also follow this beard style around the globe.


It depends on you how to maintain your beard. Maintaining a beard style of ages can make it look perfect on you. Likewise, most men tend to do so which makes them perfectionist is some beard styles. Not only this, but beard also enhances your personality making if more confident, bold, and attractive than before.

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