fashion trends of 2019 you won't be aware of

5 fashion trends of 2019 you won’t be aware of

Fashion has been taking over the world ever since. Everyone wants to be fashionable and rule over just by being a trendsetter. Following every trend since the beginning, there is a change in fashion trends in every decade. But are you aware of these trends of 2k19?

Maybe many of you have noticed it and many of you won’t but since 2000’s there way more change in the fashion industry. Any new change in fashion brings out a change in culture.

Fashion trends of 2019 you won’t be aware of

  • Shrunken Bagsshrunken bag fashion trends

These little bags works like DORAEMON pocket for every woman out there. These mini bags have enough space to carry a ladies wallet, lipstick, eyeliner, balms, and every accessory that a lady needs. Not only this they come in various shapes and colors. Moreover, a piece of good news for ladies their shoulder won’t pain more.

  • Bucket HatsBucket hat fashion trends

Talking of the ’90s this hat played a big role back then. But, these days many people often use it. Protection from sun and heat with a classy look, what else do you want? Well, you want to hang out with friends on the beach or any other place and it’s hot, this can help you a lot more than anything at that time.

  • Puff Shoulders puff shoulder fashion trends

Well, muscular people are those you won’t want to mess with. But the puff shoulder is way more different than that. A lady dress with a shoulder sleeve having designed over them is what puff shoulder means. Letting every lady getting a unique personality among the crowd is what this dress gets.

  • Animal Print Dressesanimal print dress fashion trends

Resembling animal is kind of representing yourself as in personality. This thing has become a fashion these days. Moreover, leopard is the most favorite one for everyone. This print is even used for jackets, jumpsuits, shirts and more. Not only this, many of this print is used on bags and accessories which are usually used.

  • Colored Tartancolored tartan

This fashion has taken over the trend hardcore. Colored tartan has its own level of excitement and confidence. Adding to a personality and confidence, it has gained a lot more improvement. Initially, it was bit stuble but as soon as it grew things change way better in the fashion industry.