friends with benefits relationship

5 keys to keep in mind: friends with benefits relationship

This generation follows the trend of friends with benefits relationship right?

Many peeps confuse themselves in it. Being friends and being friends with benefits has a huge difference between them.

No strings attached, no emotions still you manage to satisfy each other in every way.

Even before starting this kind of relationship. You need to know what kind of relationship you’re in right now.

Being in friends with benefits relationships requires transparency, open conversation and breaking up of awkward situations which you have in the past. But, this all needs a healthy relationship.

While maintaining such relations you have be very careful and keep a few things in caution:

  • Know how to talk about it


Most people have a problem with how to start a conversation. This is the place where most people mess up. Everything has a time and place with a perfect to talk about it. Talking about such things at the right moment might increase the chance of friends with benefits relationship.

  • Be clear with your thoughts

clear thought process

Keeping transparency is the best thing you can ever do with yourself. Clearing thought with the person you have a relation of friends with benefits will allow you to have a better intimacy between each other. Not only this, try keeping things casual as much as possible that will keep the awkwardness away and a strong bond.

  • No Relationships

no relationship

Hardly matters how much a person is close to you. Friends with benefits are two people who just want to release some stress or need some satisfaction. If you feel so, do tell the person you have feelings for. Rather, keeping them in myth will create problems in the near future.

  • Prioritize friends over benefits

prioritize friends with benefits relationship

Well, friendship is more important we all know that. But, if your friend is facing any kind of problem in their personal life. Support them. This will keep your friendship alive and spark always on. Trust and support are what everyone seeks if you can provide it do it as much as possible.

  • Keeping code words

code words in friends with benefits realtionship

Yea code words. These words make the relationship funnier and keep the spark alive at the same time. Besides friends with benefits relationships, other relationships too have this kind of code words to secretly communicate in open making it more reliable and fun.

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