Easy to say, but hard to accept the breakup.

“It’s not you, it’s me”

  • Primary reasons for the breakup

  1. Bad behavior– it can be seen when your partner is not anymore interested in your company.
  2. Cheating – it’s a basic and most common reason nowadays of breaking relationships. Losing interest or we can say loving someone else can give rise to this situation.
  3. Being unsupportive– basically, this attitude is being seen in the boy regarding the carrier, friends and family issues, in which boy is not supportive enough.
  4. Lying– hahaha!!!! We can co-relate this with cheating because cheating and lying are depended on each other vice a versa.
  5. Stealing– it’s not a robbery of something it’s basically a time when a boy or a girl tries to steal your precious time to waste.
  • Valid reasons for a breakup.

reasons for breakup

  1. They might have cheated upon on.
  2. When you don’t put any type if the effort in your relationship.
  3. Abusive nature
  4. Dominating nature.
  5. Over- possessiveness
  6. You’re going apart.
  7. Arguing with your partner.
  8. No more spark left in your relationship.
  9. You don’t want to continue.
  10. Your arguing is unhealthy.
  • Breakup with no reason? How?

couple not talking

  1. It’s just you were a time pass off someone’s life.
  2. The person doesn’t need your attention anymore.
  3. The person is been irritated with you.
  • Why do lovers do breakup?

jealousy, reasons for breakup

  1. Insecurities.
  2. Jealously
  3. Lack of trust.

This insecurity can lead to possessiveness which gives birth to breakup.

  • It’s time to break up dude!

reason for breakup

  1. You grew apart.
  2. You’re being physically and mentally abused without your concern.
  3. Ignorance by your partner
  4. No longer care at all.
  5. Your relationship is one-sided now.
  • Good reasons to end a relationship

good reasons

  1. If your partner lies to you in a daily routine.
  2. If your partner is financially irresponsible.
  3. You don’t trust your partner anymore.
  4. If you have different goals in your life.
  5. If your partner is selfish on-bed and is unwilling to change.

Obviously, they do have feelings,

Many guy’s behaviors after breakup look like they are happy to have a breakup, and they easily can show their smile from outside while keeping the feelings inside.

Mean behavior is also a sign that you can co-relate with.

  • Why do most of the relationships fail?

relationship failure

Lack of trust issues-trust is only the ladder of a successful relationship. If it breaks the whole relationship breaks.

But, as everyone has a right to get one more chance in his/her life to improve his/her life.

  • Top 6 reasons couples breakup

  1. Feel out of love
  2. Cheating
  3. Lie
  4. Fighting
  5. Distance
  6. Sex
  • Conclusion

Everyone had faced this situation in your life. It is dependent upon you that you are going to tackle this situation.

Thus, don’t let your relationship broke, try to solve and make your relationship, strong.

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