how to talk to your crush

5 tricks on how to talk to your crush

One of the major problems, how to talk to your crush. Right?

Are you one of those who are afraid of talking to their crush? Not anymore, you’ll know-how.

Of course, expressing feelings isn’t that easy. But, crush feelings are special. Aren’t they?

It’s not much of a big issue to talk to someone. Speaking of their crush everyone gets nervous, which can ruin and make things better at the same time.

  • Attention



Every person likes when they get more attention. It can also get weird. Imagine if a person is thinking about you every second for the past few days.

Sounds weird, right. You need to be calm and behave accordingly.

Always let your presence be known around your crush. This will remove all the weirdness whenever you talk to her.

  • Initially make short conversations

how to talk to your crush


The first impression is the last impression, we all know that. The introduction matters the most while talking for the very first time. Mastering this will help you to how to talk to your crush.

Remember, to make small talk and go away. Sticking around too much will make things worse for you.

Done with this. Wave hands or say ‘Hi‘ whenever you see or a smile can be the best option among these.

  • Humor


how to talk to your crush
Two couples having fun outdoors in the city.

Every person wants to have happy moments in their life. If you give them that, you automatically have a good place in their heart. Moreover, counts are the best way for talking to your crush.

Try making good memories as much as possible, leaving a good impression.

Cracking jokes and having fun create a bond and reduces the bridge between the two.

  • Avoid pick up lines

avoid pick up lines

Well, every girl immune to pick up lines. They won’t like pick up lines until and unless they find you attractive.

It is most likely to ruin things for you. Rather than, doing so go for some interesting topics to talk about. Something that you have in common.

That’s where won’t be awkward silence and conversation would be interesting.

  • Check on body language

how to talk to your crush

Body gestures play a major role while having a conversation with someone. It lets you know if the person is interested in talking to you.

If a person’s feet are pointing towards you, it means they are interested in your conversation if not, then you should leave.


Talking to any person around you. Be aware of the situations they are in. Help them with their problems, know them as much as you can. Moreover, this not only helps building trust but also builds a bond that is necessary for every relationship. This can even boost confidence inside a person with communication skills. Keep in mind not to say such words that can offend a person or hurt their sentiments.

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