how to cope up with breakup

5 ways to how to cope with breakup (FAST)

Breakups are worst, we all know that. But, how to cope with a breakup?

How can someone just leave after giving you all the precious memories of life? Besides, you accept the fact that they won’t return to your life.

Living with all these memories in the future, every relationship keeps its secrets hidden.

Some romantic moments, movies, fights, are all memorable after the breakup. You can say them the after-effects of breakup the same as a hangover.

Coping up with a breakup is not too easy and not too difficult. You just need to understand what makes you happy in your current life.

  • Write down your thoughts

write your thoughts, how to cope with breakup

Well, this is one of the amazing things which you can do to overcome anything in your life. Moreover, whenever you write down your thoughts no one is there to judge you. Secondly, no insecurities. Third and foremost, just express yourself. Also, writing down your thoughts calm your mind and developed patience in you.

  • Involve in activities

involve in activities

Involvement in anything keeps you busy and active. Every person drives thoughts to its mind in their free time but is this worth it? Of course not. Every person improves with time. Its the basic requirement of this life. Exercising or doing any other activity can make you happier and will improve your skills.

  • Plan your schedule


plan your schedule, how to cope with breakup

This is what many people lack. This is one thing which every one of us can follow and keep our activities intact with time and days. Getting to plans and fulfilling them, everyone wants to enjoy each moment of their life. But, people who plan accordingly can do it concerning time.

  • Explore yourself

explore yourself

One of the most important things. We hear people saying, “life is short, enjoy it as much as you want to”. This line is true in itself. No one knows what they are capable of, we focus more on what we don’t have. But if we focus on our positive traits maybe we can grow much better than we’re growing right now.

  • Hangouts with friends

hangout with friends

Enjoyable moments are created when you hang around with your gang, right? Friends are those people who can help you overcome the greatest problems of life. Even, are the same people to put you in trouble. We all have such crazy friends, don’t we?


There are a lot of ways on how to cope with a breakup, it can vary from person to person. But, in the end, the only thing which matters is, are you happy? If your answer to this question is yes, you’re already ahead of many other people. But, if not you need to work on yourself.

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