50+ best deep questions to ask your girlfriend (2021)

Relationships are just like a roller-coaster ride, sometimes you share the best moments of your life with each other, sometimes you see each other struggling with some things or the other and sometimes you share a few things which become memories for later.

Similarly, these moments are shared in different phases. It can be a few deep questions to ask your girlfriend when you get some private time. 


A to discuss a few things which might take relationships a step further. 

However, did you have a serious conversation with your girlfriend.

Girls are a bit emotional and they see things emotionally. Whereas, things not the same with men.

Do you personally think you need to have a serious conversation with your girlfriend?

If yes, we got you a couple of deep questions to ask your girlfriend which can help you out having a good conversation and could create better trust and bond

Things to keep in Mind

  1. Ask Open End Questions: This will not only help you have a good healthy conversation but will also let you know how the person thinks and sees the world with their eyes.
  2. Don’t judge: Never judge a woman on any basis, this might backfire and ruin all the moments going on. Think before you speak anything at that time. 
  3. Ask questions which share something in common: Having a conversation of moments or memories which you had in common are the best starters. This sets up tone for rest to the moments. 

Besides, all these things, now comes the main part – deep questions to ask your girlfriend.

Starters for Conversation

deep questions to ask your girlfriend, conversation starter

Initial conversation sets the tone of rest of the conversation.

Imagine having a bad conversation with your girlfriend, would you start having a good intimate conversation in the middle of it?

Of course NOT!

Likewise, you have to set the tone for the conversation

Now, what questions to ask? Here are we to help you, Just scroll down.

  1. What do you think about when you’re alone?
  2. What would you be doing, if I was not with you?
  3. If you got one thing as a superpower, what would it be?
  4. Do you think money matters for you more than love?
  5. If you got a chance to be a kid again, would you become one?
  6. Are you the one following your dreams?
  7. Would you sacrifice your dreams for family?
  8. What was the major shift of your life?
  9. Do you think you have hit the lowest in your life?
  10. Which moment became the most special to you?

These questions will set the tone for the rest of the conversation which you can enjoy and share a healthy moment between each other. 

Questions about personal ambitions

questions about personal ambition

Everyone has some goal in their life, we all know that. But, do we really follow them or does someone follow them because of us? 

Well, things change when you’re in a relationship.

There are sacrifices, compromises, fights, love, romance which involves a lot of patience. These things might become a barrier in your partner’s life.

This is one of the most deep questions to ask your girlfriend.

How to ask it?

Here are some ways.

  1. Is there something bothering you to follow your passion?
  2. Can I help you in doing something you love?
  3. How is chase going after your dreams?
  4. Do you see your dreams being accomplished?
  5. Have you thought of leaving your dreams aside?
  6. How many times did you fail?
  7. Do you need any help?
  8. Are you stuck with something?
  9. Did you get a fear of not fulfilling your dreams?
  10. Who inspired you to follow your dreams?
  11. How often do you motivate yourself?
  12. What is the highest point of where you want to be?

These questions will let the person know that you actually care for them and their dreams. This not only builds trust but also lets the person gain strength mentally. These questions often lead to attraction towards a person in a respectful way

Deep relationship questions 

deep questions to ask your girlfriend,

Knowing what your partner thinks of everything around is a blessing. You can really manage things accordingly. 

But, actually knowing what your partner thinks of a relationship builds respect and love for each other.

Being on the same page sometimes builds separations.

But, keeping things together is what a relationship is all about. Standing shoulder to shoulder. 

So, how to know what your girlfriend is thinking of?

Just ASK!

  1. What do you think of us?
  2. What is the best part you enjoy about us?
  3. Which is the best memory for you?
  4. When did you realize you were in love with me?
  5. Have you ever thought of leaving me?
  6. What would you do if we grew apart?
  7. Do you think we will last forever?
  8. What is the one thing you’re too afraid to ask me?
  9. Have you ever felt awkward in front of me?
  10. What is the best form of love for you?
  11. Which is the biggest strength of us?
  12. What trait makes us different from others?

These are the deep questions to ask your girlfriend which can take your relationship to a new level. Taking the relationship above needs some extra efforts and understanding. These are some questions which might help you. 

Know the Past

knowing the past

You need to know what your girlfriend or partner is going through. This will not only let you understand a person but will help you in certain ways.

Not knowing your partner’s past is like going to a new place and sitting in the hotel room the whole day. 

How to ask or know about the past without making things awkward?

Here’s the solution.

  1. What was your biggest failure?
  2. Have you ever felt lonely?
  3. Did anyone give you a nickname for teasing?
  4. How often were you bullied?
  5. Were you in love before?
  6. Which was the craziest mistake you ever made?
  7. What part of life became the turning point for you?
  8. Do you see a major change in your personality?
  9. How did you deal with your setbacks?
  10. What was the biggest assumption you made as a kid?
  11. What became the biggest lesson in your life?
  12. Did you think we would be together?
  13. Have you ever blamed anyone?
  14. Do you have regrets about anything?

Some deep questions to ask your girlfriend which will let you know how she thinks, reacts and lives her way of life. This will not only let you trust each other but will break the awkwardness which is there in a couple. 

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