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50 best sexually intimate questions to ask a girl (2021)

Who amongst you think of sexually intimate questions to ask a girl? Or is confused about what to say or not to say? Well, before being intimate with anyone you should know their turn-ons, turn-offs, pleasure points, and as well fantasies to make them true.

But what makes it better? Obviously the conversation which leads to it.

Before intimacy comes the attraction and trust is what you should focus on.

Before starting with intimate questions directly, take an alternative approach for sexually intimate questions to ask a girl. We got you a step-by-step guide that can help you with the conversation.

Traits to be kept in mind

What exactly girls like is one of the biggest questions of all time? Which trait do they exactly love the most? What are sexually intimate questions to ask a girl?

These all questions revolve around you when you’re on a date or about to me your crush. Right?

So, here you’re and these all points will help you maintain composure and calmness while going with sexually intimate questions to ask a girl.

  1. Never explain your preferences until it becomes too important – You must be wondering what it exactly means. Well, in simple terms if you want to gain the respect of any person, say the least but impact. You say those words which people not often listen to themselves. This will grab attention and give them a reason to remember you.
  2. Don’t react to arguments or insults – When you get insulted what do you do? You try to reply. Why? A person with high esteem never replies to something useless. It tells more about your character.
  3. Accept your flaws and fear, above it face them – Everyone appreciates that one person who has the courage to accept who they are as a person and understand themselves before any other standing in front of them. That’s what gives them enough courage to face any fear or overcome their flaw easily.

How to have a conversation with the girl?

sexually intimate questions to ask a girl, how to have conversation with girl

Don’t rush things with anyone. Directly jumping to sexually intimate questions to ask a girl will not work in a good way, take things slow. Setup an image and then go step by step.

Besides, here are some questions which you can ask to a girl just have a normal conversation.

  1. What’s your favorite TV show?
  2. Which is your best track list?
  3. How did you get over your nightmare?
  4. What was the best dish you ever ate?
  5. Do you do any activity alone?
  6. Do you have pets?
  7. How were you as a kid?
  8. What kind of bond do you share with your siblings?
  9. Do you talk to your parents?
  10. What is your favorite game?
  11. How do you escape the time when you’re sad?
  12. What kind of music do you like?
  13. Have you ever been to a live concert?
  14. Can you cook?
  15. What is your typical day like?
  16. What do you enjoy most about your day?
  17. Do you get bored easily?
  18. Do you have any guilty pleasure?
  19. Have you ever blamed your elder sibling for something you did?
  20. What is the funniest thing you did as a kid?
  21. Do you have your favorite person?
  22. What is one quality you like about a person?
  23. Which quality in a person catches your eye?
  24. What do you do after a stressful day?
  25. Which is your escape to your stress?
  26. How do make yourself happy?
  27. Which was the happiest moment you had back in the day?
  28. Are you clumsy?
  29. How do you describe yourself?
  30. Do you like organized or clumsy person?

These question will help you know what exactly the girl likes doing and what she hates the most. Also, share something which you have in common. This would break the awkward silence and you’ll have a good conversation with the girl.

Now move on to the next step

After you’re done with this, the next step towards sexually intimate questions to ask a girl is knowing what are their fantasies along with their greatest fears and accomplishments.

Listed below are some questions which you can ask her when you’re hanging out.

  1. What is your biggest fear?
  2. Have you thought to overcome your fear?
  3. What makes you proud of yourself?
  4. What are the things which are stopping you to accomplish your dreams?
  5. Have you seen yourself being successful with your partner?
  6. What things you think can be important to you besides your career?
  7. Which one topic can you talk about whole day?
  8. What is your biggest accomplishment till date?
  9. Which is the biggest lesson you learnt the hard way?
  10. When was last when you were the happiest?
  11. Which the dumbest injury you ever got?
  12. Have you embarrassed someone publicly?
  13. When was the last you crossed line for yourself?
  14. How do you see yourself?
  15. What makes you keep your pride above others?
  16. Which one fear of yours you have overcome?
  17. What are you most scared of?
  18. Which is your biggest fear?
  19. What was the expensive you gifted yourself?
  20. Which one quality of you will make you successful?

As soon as you’ve asked these question make sure you let her know that YOU STAND WITH HER. This will build a bridge of trust which is not going to break anytime sooner.

What are sexually intimate questions to ask a girl?

intimate questions to ask a girl

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before getting intimate with anyone. Don’t do anything that by any chance would turn off your partners mood, in other words, never take a direct jump to sexually intimate questions to ask a girl.

Firstly, you need to express the feeling you’ve for the person. Small efforts make them feel special not the big bang parties. This will not only let them know you have feelings towards them.

But, how to move normal conversation to sexually intimate questions to ask a girl. Just make it by flirting around.

What are sexually intimate questions to ask a girl?

  1. What is your favorite fantasy in bed?
  2. How do you satisfy yourself sexually?
  3. What makes good sex?
  4. What is the non-sexual thing turns you on?
  5. Have you ever had wild fantasies for someone?
  6. How would you rate your sexting out of 10?
  7. What you would be doing if you were alone here?
  8. You like going rough or gentle?
  9. How often do you call your partner “DADDY”?
  10. What you want me to wear tonight?
  11. Shall we foreplay?
  12. How would you feel, if we start to fulfill your fantasies?
  13. Do you think of me when you’re alone?
  14. Can you be the best in bed with me?
  15. Would you like to watch me do my thing tonight?
  16. How about bondage?
  17. Can you keep up till daylight?
  18. Do I satisfy you?
  19. Is there something special you want me to do?
  20. How about bondage today?
  21. Rough or soft?
  22. Which physical feature you like the most about me?
  23. How do you want me to treat you alone?
  24. Where should we start today?
  25. Wanna get warm together?
  26. Can you help me burn some calories?
  27. How do you want things to go tonight?
  28. Where do you want me to kiss you?
  29. Hot shower or cold bath together?
  30. What do you think of shower sex?

These are the best sexually intimate questions to ask a girl, when you have built a good connection with her, by winning over her trust and confidence in you.

We are not yet finished. Here’s more which can help you out additional when you are with a girl and wanting to have a good conversation with her. Here is something which might help you out.

Deep questions to ask a girl

sexually intimate questions to ask a girl, deep questions to ask a girl

To be honest, we all know what deep question can do to our image. This is what you need to do, if you want your image to be better than good in front of the girl.

Besides, always going with sexually intimate questions to ask a girl, having a deep conversation will not only make a good bond between you two but also, will bring closure towards each other.

So, let’s get to the questions.

  1. Would you compromise with your life and career for your loved one?
  2. What efforts do you think makes a perfect partner?
  3. According to you what is the most crucial thing you need in your relationship?
  4. What was the most harsh moment of your life? How did you overcome it?
  5. What is the worth of money to you?
  6. Would you choose your morals over money?
  7. Will you put out efforts for the person who hurt you emotionally, to keep them in your life?
  8. Do you have regrets?
  9. What’s your biggest regret of your life?
  10. What makes you a better person?
  11. Which quality in a person annoys you the most?
  12. When was the last time you cried? Why?
  13. When were you the happiest?
  14. Which moment of your life still gives you chills?
  15. Who is the one person you always forgive?
  16. How do you want to be treated?
  17. Would you like to admire, loved or respected?
  18. When did you feel the most vulnerable?
  19. Have you crossed lines for someone you love?
  20. How do you treat your family?

These questions not only bring out the best personality of the person but also lets you know their morals which they have in life. Observing these traits of the girl will let you know her better than anyone.

Remember to listen and pay attention to small details. This is what makes a good impression on the girl whom you want to be yours, or you want to impress.

What Romantic question to ask your girlfriend

romantic questions to ask a girl

Romance is what everyone loves, this is what exactly a couple needs to spice up things between them. Also, this is one of those things which builds a strong bond between two individuals.

However, this is romantic and sexually intimate questions to ask a girl have major difference. Don’t confuse yourself with it.

Now, the main part, what are the questions. Right?

  1. What is the best proposal you think you could have?
  2. When you had your first kiss? How did it go?
  3. How did you know I/HE is the one?
  4. Do you believe he/I is your soul mate?
  5. Who says ‘I LOVE YOU’ more often in a relationship?
  6. What is the perfect date for you?
  7. How you want your love life to be?
  8. What is the one thing you urge to change about us?
  9. What made you realize that you were in love?
  10. Which trait you think can take us a long way?
  11. How do you plan our date?
  12. Have you done the best you could to save our relationship?
  13. Which one quality do you want in your partner?
  14. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  15. How you think your relationship will go?
  16. How good do you want your relationship to be?
  17. If you get the chance to get the make your love story as a character who it would be like?
  18. How do you want to be treated?
  19. What is the ideal date for you?
  20. Which is the most romantic gesture for you?
  21. What is the most romantic gesture you have done for someone?

All these questions not only impacts your image in front of a girl but also can do much more than that, building trust and bond is more important than having a conversation with someone.

Flirty questions to ask your partner

sexually intimate questions to ask a girl, flirting questions to ask a girl

What do think is the best way to get any girls number or a good way to have a conversation with. If you want to make the girl feel special this is one the best ways which can help you out.

There’s much more beyond sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you like.

Complementing can be good starter for the conversation which you want. Knowing a person and letting them know that they are special is the best way you can show your feelings for someone. But what to ask?

Let us help you out.

  1. Want to go out later?
  2. Do you like long walks or long rides with soothing music?
  3. What was the naughtiest picture you sent to someone?
  4. Would prefer my place or yours?
  5. How often do you think of us?
  6. What are your fantasies with me?
  7. Wanna cuddle?
  8. Do you want to get lucky tonight?
  9. What special shall I wear for you today?
  10. Dinner date or adventure date?
  11. Wanna end your fetish?
  12. Where do you think we should go tonight, my place or your?
  13. Where do you see us going?
  14. Can we enjoy our private time later today?
  15. What goals do you have for us?
  16. How long are we going to last?
  17. What pleasure makes you think of me?
  18. How often do you think of me?
  19. What makes you think of me?
  20. Am I on your mind the whole day?

These can help you at most of the times but there is always things which you can experiment and could work for you.

Naughtiest questions to ask a girl

Not only going with sexually intimate questions to ask a girl will workout, but you need to be playful as well. As soon as a girl know she’s comfortable with you and talks to you more than normal, you can ask these set of questions.

Saying these in a subtle way, which might be taken in sexual and non sexual way makes it funny.

  1. Do you feel seeing me shirtless?
  2. Have you ever kissed in public?
  3. How was your first time?
  4. Can you do strip tease?
  5. Would you prefer food before sleeping with someone of after?
  6. You like pulled by hair or choke?
  7. Is lip biting what you enjoy?
  8. What was the last time you had an ultimatum?
  9. Is there something which is a must know before you sleep with someone?
  10. What’s the weird thing that turns you on?
  11. Have you thought of having threesome?
  12. Where do you see yourself with me?
  13. How do you want me?
  14. How do you want me to treat you?
  15. Do you have fantasies for me?
  16. What is the easiest way to turn you on?
  17. What is the easiest way to get you searching for something?
  18. How far can your sex drive go?
  19. How often do you miss me?
  20. What makes you think of me?

These all are the steps towards sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you always want to. Follow all these steps along and you will end up talking about the sexually intimate questions to ask a girl you like.

What are some sexually intimate questions to ask a girl?

1. Do you fantasize about me?
2. What is your bed fantasy in bed?
3. Do you dream of us?
4. Would you like to go lucky today?
5. How often do you miss us?
6. How about we get things rough today?
These are some sexually intimate questions to ask a girl to have conversation which you always wanted.

What are juicy questions to ask a girl?

1. How you want to be treated?
2. What do you do when you’re alone?
3. What’s the best feeling you had in bed?
4. When was the best time you enjoyed alone?
5. Would you like to tie things up a bit?
6. Want to spend some alone time with me?
7. You and me alone, what you would like to do?

What questions do you ask your crush?

1. What’s your biggest fear?
2. Did you overcome your fear?
3. When was the last time you laughed out and were out of breath?
4. How you want yourself to be?
5. What would make your partner perfect?

How can I impress a girl?

1. Be Yourself
2. Don’t exaggerate
3. Make her laugh
4. Show little efforts that you care about her
5. Have something in common – interests or hobbies
PRO TIP: Besides, looking for what sexually intimate questions to ask a girl, look for something to throw her off.

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