friend with benefits relationship

6 Shocking friends with benefits relationship facts

Friends a word on which we can trust. To whom we can share our problems and happiness as much as we can.

But, what if this friendship turns to a deal? Or we can say some kind of commitment? And what will be going to happen if we are unable to fulfill our commitment?

The answers for these types of questions are only one and i.e. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS or we can say FWB.

And the meaning of these 3 letter words is very easy to say but hard to accept sometime. It’s just like any friendships, people in friends with 2 benefits relationship between 2 people who enjoy each other company.


friends with benefits relationship

It’s just like basic friendship like, care about each other.

Standing behind each other up when in need. Sharing each other’s problems.

Relieve themselves of the stress.

  • What do they do?



They enjoy each other’s company. Spending time together. Hooking up.

But, their relationship isn’t romantic and doesn’t have that type of communication attachment that the normal couples do have in their relationship.

  • Does FWB involve cuddling?

cuddling, friends with benefits relationship

A big NOOOOO! Big no because cuddling means a soul attachment. That couples do, but in FWB it’s only about physical need…. That a person needs.

“See, SEX is not an insulting or shameful thing that people used to think. It’s a taboo and a human need.”

  • Thinking of a guy?

thinking, friends with benefits relstionship

Its, basically an enjoyment we can say that is between 2 people as a couple without a commitment to future goals. Guy only thinks of their physical need that is required.

  • What if FWB falls in love?


Yes, they can be and they cannot be, because it’s been pretty clear that falling in love with each other is not worth enough because they will not be able to, cooperate and understand each other.

  • What to do if you want to come out of this?

friends talking

It will really be difficult enough to get over from this.  You will be feeling many things that will be attracted to the same.

You will be starting overthinking.

Becomes worried when he/she is not near to you.

Start missing those days.

You have to be strong at this point have to overcome yourself from this situation because you have to fight for yourself.

Sometimes, it’s very hard sometimes it’s very easy, but the only thing that you have to understand is how you have to deal with it.

Usually, girls have to deal with these types of situations, very difficult. They have to deal with society thinking and in their opinion.

Many of them deal with the guy without thinking once and feel offended and regretted when guy miss-use or we can say start blackmailing the girl. Which is wrong!

Thus, you have to understand the meaning of FWB with your mindset and it’s your life you have to deal with it in the right manner.

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