6 surprising ways for ending a toxic relationship
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6 surprising ways for ending a toxic relationship

Many questions come to mind while ending a toxic relationship? Well, how to decide if you have a toxic relationship?

A lot of these question arises with time. A toxic relationship can be with anyone, family, friends, spouse, sister, or any other person around you. Someone you’ve spent time with.

Not only this, but relationships are also one of the best things which can happen in a person’s life. But, it depends on both ends how they manage their relationship. Almost every relationship has its pros and cons but both of them are happy together.

A good relationship also has their toxic moments where they fight, have brawls, misunderstandings but hold each other forever. If you have such a relationship you’re lucky enough to find yourself the perfect one.

Also, many of you are afraid while ending this toxic relationship because of the person you love. You spend a lot of time together making memories and lovely moments of life. But, it is better to find individual happiness rather than being depressed about the person you love. Here are some ways of ending a toxic relationship.

How to know if you have a toxic relationship?

Ending a toxic relationship is a later step. Firstly, you need to know about your relationship that are you the only one unhappy or it is happening at both ends of the relationship. What’s the most important thing in a relationship? LOVE.

toxic relationship

Of course, it is. But things can get worse when you blindly love someone.

If you’re not feeling happy with the person. If he/she is not behaving the way they should and rather are being abusive. Then, definitely, it is a relationship you shouldn’t be in.

A relationship is not about having moments together, its about sharing moments, love, romance, and fights too. But if you’re not having any of these and it leads you to be depressed.

Ending a toxic relationship

We all agree with the fact that leaving the person you love is one of the hardest moments of life. Not only this, but we also agree that if we’re not happy in our relationship, but it can also go worse than a breakup.

If a person breaks down mentally and emotionally, it can become the most difficult task to overcome.

Besides, we can also go with the fact that toxic relationships are hard to handle. Imagine, you and your partner are fighting daily, having brawls at a daily level, being abusive to each other. It is obvious that no one can handle it. Here are some on ending a toxic relationship by following some activities.

  • Talk about the problems

couple talking, ending toxic relationship

We all know every problem can be solved by talking to each other. Also, all the misconceptions, misunderstandings, problems have the solutions. Seeking solutions out somewhere can make you tensed but when you have a good conversation with your partner or homie can make everything better.

  • Keep things straight and clear

keeping things straight

Rather than keeping things in mystery and rolling them. Keep them straight. Talking about the problems straight to the person will let you know and help in finding a solution to them. Even, this will not only keep things clear in a relationship but also will build trust in it.

  • Move on

move on, ending toxic relationship

Even after discussing all the problems, you still face the same amount of sadness in your relationship. You should clearly understand that it’s time to move on. Besides, you should be the one working for your own happiness, not for the other.

Cope up with after-effects of ending a toxic relationship

Leaving someone you love or your most favorite person can be the toughest part of your life. But, you leave them for their and your own sake. This phase of life breaks many bonds, faith, and trust in each other. Rather than crying or overthinking such things you should move on or some ways to overcome or ending a toxic relationship.

  • Change your habits

 change your habits, ending toxic relationship

Changing your routine can do much more than you can even think. If you wake up late in the morning at 10 or 11 AM. Start waking up at 7 or 8 AM. Have a workout for keeping your mind relax. This will not only keep your mind busy but also will help in keeping your body fit.

  • Follow your interest

follow your interests

Passion begins with interests as well as with hobby. Not only this, but this will also help to be a good mood the whole day. In addition to this, you’ll be busy pursuing and exploring yourself daily which will make you better each and every day. Drawing your attention towards your interest will help you active and happy all the time. This will help you in keeping yourself busy and ending a toxic relationship.



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