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8+ list of best Indian dish to order (2020)

A food lover knows how food can change a person’s mood in one bite, right? Here is some best Indian dish to order which can calm your hunger with one meal.

Worried if there is non vegetarian food or not?

Don’t worry we have included both vegan and nonvegan food for you. A few extra spicy, a few sweet, and some with extra spices to make you happy and hunger-free.

Indian food has a lot of variety based on various regions. Not only this, if we cover regional food, it will take a lot of time. So we’re going to cover some common dishes which are easy to make or is among the best Indian dish to order.

Masala Dosa

masala dosa, best indian dish to order

Hands down, every Indian knows this dish. Most famous dish all over Indian. A mouth-watering dish, this can not only get your stomach full but your heart too. Adding to this, you can add taste and variations to it according to your taste. Also, you can add your own stuffings to it.

If you want a vegan dosa you can have it, or if you want a non-vegan dosa, you can add chicken, meat to it. Making, the cherry on top, you have it with various ketchup known as chutney in the Indian language.

You can make it at your home easily with basic things or you can order it as per your wish. One of the best dishes to have for lunch, giving you all you need is what this dish is all about.

Palak Paneer

Palak paneer

Let’s get it right, spinach with cottage cheese is one of the favorites for North Indian. Best tastes when you have this dish in winter. One dish which you can easily make or the best Indian dish to order.

This dish not only adds up to your energy but also keeps your body warm and energetic during the work.

Having an Indian drink lassi with it, just adds the flavors to this dish. Making it prominent, tasty, and eliminating hunger dish. Also, this is one of the regional dishes of Punjab. If you’re having it in breakfast or during dinner, you’re already having the best of this dish.

Mattar Paneer (Peas and Cheese)

best indian dish to order, matar paneer

Here’s the tastiest vegan dish you could ever have in your entire life. One of the most famous dish eaten among whole India with various tastes, dippings is what this dish is all about.

This dish can be eaten with bread, tortillas of various types, served to guests. Basically, a dish in which you can enjoy the moment of your life.

And it is easy to make, in case you don’t have time to make it, it can be the best Indian dish to order for someone who is about to visit you any time. You can serve this dish anytime. During breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it will please you every time and moreover satisfy your hunger.

Chicken Shawarma

chicken shawarma

Only chicken lovers know what exactly what this dish is. Adding ketchup with chicken stuffing in a tortilla with some raw onions and green chutney can make anyone’s mouth water.

If you’re hungry and have less money, this is one of the best dishes which you can eat and fill your stomach and heart at one go.

Best dish you can have as snacks or during the evening or as dinner. It can make you full of only 3 rolls of it. If you need to gain weight or are tired of cooking food. This could be the best Indian dish to order and erase your hunger.

Butter Chicken

butter chicken, best indian dish to order

Best dish to have during dinner with naan. Adding butter, tomato ketchup with various spices, and making it one of the prominent dishes of India. Not only this but also, if you have this dish with tortillas it can fill your stomach without any compromise in taste.

If you’re a person visiting Delhi, India, this is a must-try dish for you if you’re not a vegan.

Adding to this, the extra butter added to this dish makes it unique and delicious over other dishes in the menu. Moreover, you can add mix it up with various spices which you want in it. Easy to make or one of the best indian dishes to order for a family.

Curd Rice

curd rice

As the name says what this dish includes as main ingredients in it. This dish is served as a meal with various spices added to it to make it more delicious and to get you hunger-free.

This is among those dishes which vegan lovers would love to have.

Not only this, this is one of the dishes which you can easily make at home as all the basic ingredients is in everyone’s home. If not this is one of the best Indian dish to order and try with your family and friend.

This can please everyone stomach and heart at one go. Just give it a try.

Tandoori Chicken

tandoori rice, best indian dish to order

One of the most eaten dish in northern India is this. This dish not only gets you a good amount of calories but a new taste to your tongue buds. This dish is made in a tradition way, in a tandoor with extra spices added to it.

Adding lemon to it adds wonders to this dish with green chutney and onion is what every North Indian loves about it.

You can count this as the top 20 Indian dishes, also, to the must-try Indian dish list. If you want to eat it now, don’t waste time. Just order it, you’re ordering one of the best Indian dish to your table.

Gajar Ka Halwa

gajar ka halwa

Let’s talk about desert too, right? Well, this dish can change your grumpy mood to a happy person at just one bite. If you don’t believe, no worries just give this dish a shot and you’ll know what we are saying.

This dish is made of carrots with adding some almost and cashew nuts to it making it more delicious and mouth watering.

When ever you have your meal and have it as a desert and your mood will be delighted to have this dish. And if by any chance, your friends and relatives come at your place surprise them but simply getting the best indian dish to order for them.

Not only this is one of the best dish to eat to make a good impact at last, if you’re on a date.

What is the most popular dish in India?

There are a lot of Indian dishes which you can have. There are a lot of popular dishes according to the region of India.
1. Chicken Shawarma
2. Tandoori Chicken
3. Dosa
4. Palak Paneer
5. Vada Pao
6. Idli and Sambar

What is the best Indian food to try for the first time?

If you can eat non-vegan food, you should definitely try Chicken Tikka for yourself. And, if you’re vegan, no worries, have a Dosa or Dal Makhni or Matar Paneer or Idli Sambar. There are a lot of dishes which you can try and will not disappoint you at any point of time.

What should I order Indian food?

It really depends on what you exactly want to eat. Indian food has a lot of variety in it. So you make sure you have the best for yourself. Here’s a list that might help you to get the best Indian dish to order for yourself.
1. Palak Paneer
2. Chicken Korma
3. Matar Paneer
4. Samosa
5. Gajar ka Halwa
6. Dal Makhni with Naan
7. Chicken Tikka

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