90s hairstyle for men

15+ Shocking 90s hairstyle for men in 2020

Today’s world is in the retro world seeking everything of the past. Isn’t it? Well, evenly 90s hairstyle for men is taking over more.

Not only this, but it has also been a fashion trend all over the world. Are you among those?

Do you also want to try those 90s hairstyles for men and women? Well, you don’t need to get confused with it. You’ll get the solution right now.

Agree on it or not but the 90s brought major changes to recent industries in fashion and hairstyle. Everyone is nodding towards the trend of hairstyles

Curtain hairstyle

curtain hairstyle

One of the most famous hairstyles among men is what this hairstyle is. Even, this hairstyle was followed by celebrities back in those days but young Leo made it popular than anything. Because of being popular, it strikes a lot of men today. Moreover, short and long hairs don’t make a problem for this hairstyle.

Bowl cut

bowl haircut, 90s haircut men

Often one of the worst haircuts among the early 90s when mums cut hair keeping a bowl over their kids head. But, today it carries a trend which most of the gents pull off hardcore. Having a bowl cut with fades on back and sides makes it look more textures than other hairstyles.


afro, 90s hairstyle men

Breaking headlines worldwide is what this hairstyle did in its 90s. Yea, you heard right breaking headlines. One of the most popular hairstyles of those times. Even stars like Kobe Bryant followed in their careers. Just keeping around the top of hairs like a mane and maintaining it.


cornrows, 90s hairstyle men

This hairstyle is common in hip-hop artists around the world. Braids were back for men when this culture started and was followed by every other rapper on the streets. This hairstyle is today also followed by people around the world, among ladies, men and even kids follow this too having medium hair length.



A popular artist MC Hammer started this hairstyle. Slit shave cuts between eyebrows and side hairs. But, today this style is one of the common hairstyles. Evenly, with fades and slick back, this has been a trend among men.

Flat top

flat top

Have you ever seen a person with flat top hair? Yes, this hairstyle is what it says. Flat top hair was promoted by celebrities like Will Smith back in those days, seeing slowly and gradually it began and popularized itself among men. One with a good jawline can prefer it.

Slick back

slicked back, 90s hairstyle men

The easiest formal hairstyle to make is what slick back it. Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other celebs use it today too. Long hairs just need some hair wax with pomade and a comb. And a hairstyle is made. This hairstyle is commonly popular among teens.

Blonde top highlight

blonde top hairstyle

Blonde highlights are becoming common all around the world, every person is adapting this hairstyle. One of the most popular hairstyles of the 90s. Not only this, but many celebrities around the world also follow it on the current date. Besides, the length of the hair doesn’t matter. Any length hair can get this haircut

Chin length hairstyle

chin length hairstyle

Longer the hair better the hairstyle. One of the popular men’s hairstyles in the 1990s. Adding volume and texture gives the perfect look to your face. Moreover, it enhances face features to make you look more attractive and bold. A perfect 90s boy haircut to glow everywhere and anywhere.


mohawk, 90s hairstyle men

This hairstyle describes hip hop hairstyles on men back in those days. Edgy, bold and unique like a person is preparing for a rock concert and is banging guitar hardcore. Also, this hairstyle adds the list to its variations which are followed to this day. 

The heartthrob


We all know who David Beckham is, right? This hairstyle started back in those days of the 90s when Beckham used this hairstyle in his lifestyle. From the 90s to 21st century adding curtain hairstyle, waves, texture, and, many additions to it. This hairstyle itself can make a book.

Caesar haircut

caesar haircut of men, 90 hairstyle for men

One of the oldest haircuts of all time, still making itself in top hairstyles for men. This is among the best 90 hairstyle for men, easy to maintain, adding confidence to your personality. With this, the haircut you can get your personality to a whole new level discovering a better version of yourself. Adding to its styling it has a lot of variations in which you can add your haircut which suits you perfectly.

Blonde highlights

blonde highlights, blonde highlights for men

Entering the rock and pop industry this haircut made a great show for everyone and is followed to date by a lot of men all over the globe. Not only this, but many celebrities from around the world also follow this haircut. With this hairstyle, you can stand out of the crowd making you attractive and better than others around you.

Frosted tips

frosted tips of men, 90s hairstyle for men

We all know the 90s hairstyle for men is just variations of today’s haircut. This hairstyle gives men an edgy and hardcore look which can make their personality more revealing for them in a better way. Having an aggressive personality is what everyone wants, right? This 90s hairstyle for men can get you to achieve so easily.


mullet hairstyles for men, mullet haircut

One of the biggest hits of its time. This was the most famous 90s hairstyle for men, almost every other man on this planet would follow this hairstyle. Perfect haircut with proper finishing and giving you a stylish look with anything you wear is what this hairstyle is all about. Besides, old men still follow this hairstyle, giving them a younger and masculine look.


90s hairstyle for men, buzzcut for men

This is among that 90s hairstyle for men and women can follow in their lifestyles. Along with this, this hairstyle is been followed since the vintage time with variation to date making it favorite of many. Also, nowadays people color their hair making them more attractive and keeping them out of the blue.

Shaggy haircut

shaggy haircut for men

Keeping things simple and to the point can make your life much better than anything else. The same goes for a haircut, and this hairstyle is keeping them simple. Giving you a better look than any other 90s hairstyle for men could ever give.

What hairstyles were popular in the 90s?

Flipped Out Choppy Bob
Box Braids
Super Straight Hair
Slick back
Flat Top
There are some popular hairstyles in the 90s which men used to follow to develop their personality.

How did they wear their hair in the 90’s?

Like so many of us in the ‘90s, the model loved to wear her hair pulled straight back into a securely tied bun or ponytail. Be careful with this one, though, as it can actually damage your strands if you find yourself doing it every day.

Which is the best hairstyle for boys?

Slicked Hard Side Part
Short Sides
Messy Spiky Hair
Short Side Part Fade.
Short Choppy Crop Top
There are a lot of hairstyles, but it depends on how you select your hairstyle according to your face type.

How do I get my 90s look?

If you want to create a 90s-inspired outfit, wear things like flannel shirts, baggy jeans, and combat boots. Other popular trends include windbreakers, tube tops, and overalls. Pick a 90s top and bottom, and pair your outfit with 90s accessories to easily dress from the 90s.

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