Beard Styles

In today’s world, people judge each other by looks, body style, dress sense, hairstyle, and outfits. Even in magazines and photo shoots focuses look of a person with a perfect body and beard. In this beard styles, play a role for men overall look. Beard style and hair can help men look better or ugly at the same time. A man with a perfect match of beard style and hairstyle looks amazing and filled with confidence.

Over time beard styles have changed around the globe. Various trends about beard set by stylists which every man is following. Usually, beard styles vary from place to place according to trends. Here are some best trending styles all around the world which every guy needs to follow to improve himself.

  • Stubble

stubble Stubble beard is one of the easiest to maintain. Even it requires low maintenance and regular trimming. This is an ideal beard a man use, who can’t maintain a beard. A person with a baby look can use it perfectly as it appears to make jaws stronger. As a rule of thumb, three to four days growth of beard is best for it. At this length, the hairs will be a little flatter along the face and will be less likely to look weird.

  • Goatee

One of the most famous beard styles followed around the world. this beard style is followed by celebs, students and goateeevery person who doesn’t want to maintain a full beard. This beard gives a look for an ideal man, was started in early 20’s. Moreover this beard style is easiest to maintain and can be changed according to the face type. Just a reminder to maintain a goatee beard, trim it when beard is dry and apply beard oil to it.

  • Corporate

corporateThis type of beard is followed by the office employees to look better and getting a more confident look than others. Most of the people working in corporate world follow this type of beard so that they could represent themselves better than anyone around them. A corporate beard works well if you have a triangular face because it takes attention away from pointing chin.

Here are the most common beard styles that are been followed all around the world by celebrities, student and rest of the boys and men. Many of the boys can follow it and grow a beard like it that can suit their face type, take proper care and can match the hairstyle accordingly.