ways to remove dandruff and hair fall instantly

Best 4 ways to remove Dandruff and hair fall instantly

Feeling ashamed because of dandruff over your shoulders and hair fall you are facing. Nevermind, these are small problems you’ll get a solution to it today. Here, we’ll bring up the best 4 ways to remove dandruff and hair fall instantly and permanently.

Be relaxed you’ll become happier today. No more lack of confidence and self-doubt. Keeping hair healthy and strong isn’t easy.  Basic reasons for dandruff and hair fall are not proper combing, shampoo, and various other factors. Let’s get started with these tricks to remove dandruff and hair fall permanently.

Best 4 ways to remove Dandruff and hair fall

Here, you’ll get to know the natural ways by which you can remove these problems, following a lot more cheap budget than the chemicals you use previously or getting treatment from a clinic.

  • Lemon & Coconut Oillemon and coconut oil to remove dandruff and hair fall

Usage of these two in a proper manner can give a lot to your hairs. These two variants are good for the treatment of fungus and help retain hair better. To apply it you need to heat two spoons of coconut oil and mix it with the same amount of lemon and apply to scalp. Leave it for a minimum of 20 mins before washing the hair.

  • Tea Tree Oil tea tree oil to remove dandruff and hair fall

It works as an anti-oxidant of fungus. It’s the easiest to apply to scalp and hair. Apply it directly or with some essential oil. Let it sink in the scalp for at least 15 mins and rinse it off. Those who have sensitive skin shall not use it directly, it can cause irritation to skin. An alternative to that can be used with any essential oil.

  • Yogurtyogurt to remove dandruff and hair fall

Hearing of yogurt many of you would be amazed and have a question, “How can this help?”. Well, it does. you need fresh yogurt and apply after washing your hair to the scalp. Let it be on your scalp for 15 mins. if you want good results you can also add black pepper for removal of dandruff. But, remember to use fresh yogurt and pepper otherwise you won’t get the results you expected.

  • Proper Oiling Proper oiling

Oiling can do wonders to your hairs. But, we usually see it as a head massage. Providing nutrients and vitamins to roots of hair won’t let hair loss and dandruff over them. As soon you do proper oiling remember to cover hair with shampoo cap and wash them after 20-25 mins later. Moreover, increases blood circulation and nourishes roots at their best.