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Best Bridal Makeup Artist in India

Bridal makeup artist has their own impression on the world. Want to know the best bridal makeup artist in India? Then you’re in the right place.

Every Bridal makeup artist has their own things of doing makeup making them unique. Here, the list of one of the best bridal makeup artist in India.

Things to keep in mind

Be specific with what you want: You should be specific with what you want and how you want. This will not only get you the exact look you want but also will buff your overall personality.

Know you skin well: You should know what suits your skin the most. This will help the artist to get the best for you. Besides, this also won’t create any future problems for the skin as well.


best bridal makeup artist in india

One of the best makeup artists India ever had. She’s the lady who has perfection in her hands. Though having many staff members Ambika had herself well named. She started off with her own saloon named Vision of Ambika and had won many prizes in her industry. Moreover, she has her saloon in various parts of India where she runs a staff to look after the customers. Here’s some part of her work which she had been doing for the past few years. Due to this work, she had gained her name, fame, and respect through all over India.

Source: Love hearts (youtube channel)

Sabrina Suhail

best bridal makeup artist in india

A talented lady is famous for her magical hands that offer beauty to every person she showcases her talent on. She works in various outstation and even has her own studio in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Moreover, she also provides her own products launched in her studio that are the lipstick shades and offers various services to the customers. Even she provides paid trials to the one who seeks it.


best bridal makeup artist in india

One of the finest bridal makeup artists in India. She carries her own studio is Lajpat Nagar where a lot of people are provided with services and ranks as a top bridal makeup artist. She is also one of the costliest makeup artists in India. Her services include styling, draping, nail polish change, makeup, etc. Even she had been running her own website where she also has some tutorial and makeup tips for ladies. Because of these, she is one of the tops and best bridal makeup artists in India.

Flaws are to overcome to show the positive side of the world. She has done it with her talent for makeup. Perfection is the example of the work she does so well shown in the video.

Source: Myntra (youtube channel)


Bharat and Dorris is a duo working in this makeup industry over the past 3 decades and have worked in various actor and actresses in India. This duo is one of the expensive bridal makeup artists in the country since they have a long time of experience. Not only this, but the duo has also established business of cosmetics through their makeup industry and running that business for the last 25 years.

Who is the best makeup artist in India?

Shalini Singh
Michelle Montes
Anu Kaushik
Chandni Singh
Aakriti Kochar
Bharat & Dorris
Here is some best makeup artist in India which you can choose.

Which brand is best for bridal makeup?

Our Favourite Picks:
Loreal is one of the biggest makeup brands which anyone could get for themselves, here are some things which you could pick for yourself
 Infallible Eye shadows.
Volume Million Lashes Mascara.
Color Riche Moist Matte lipstick.
Shine Caresse Lip Colours.
Gelmatic Super Liner.
Color Riche Nail Polish.

What is HD bridal makeup?

Who doesn’t like to glow? Besides, the bridal no one could ever match her. HD bridal makeup is nothing but a way to put away all the mistakes at one go and make you look best.

How much do makeup artists charge for Indian weddings?

Well it depends. There are various prices depending on the artist how much they charge for their services. It start from 5000INR to go much higher than this.