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11 best place to travel (UPDATED)

Everyone wants to explore the world, visit the best place to travel.

This is a dream to many, right?

Well, of course, it is. However, many have a wishlist adding to their dream places. Often thing happens with most of us. Besides, we find people with the same interests and become good friends.

Imagine having the same wishlist with a person you just met can be a hell lot of a surprise. Even sharing your experiences along the moment can bring out a lot of memories.

Well, there are lots of places which a person can visit with his/her friends, family, solo trips and can have fun along the time.

Saying so, travelling is more of a hobby to people.

Not only this, you come to know about cultures, habits, new locations, and the best thing above this is food. Exactly, this brings smiles to your face. The food differs across the globe. This is one of the best things which makes a trip more fun and adventurous.

Things to keep along while travelling

  • Check on checklist

First’s thing first, keep before travelling to any place do check on your checklist. However, most of us forget the essentials on our trips. Wonder you forget your phone on your trip, how huge a problem you can get into. Some would have been into such problems. Have a checklist before going on any trip or vacation.

  • Move with budget

This is one of the most precious things which everyone wants, right? Your whole travel trip depends on this thing. Money can buy you crazy happiness, no questions about it. Do keep a budget that fits your travel vacation, going out of budget can lead to a problem.

  • Divide activities according to the schedule

Any trip or vacation with friends, family, spouse or even solo has its own memories. Before, leaving for a trip plan out the activities. This won’t mess with the daily routine of the trip and exploration becomes easy. However, this is important for every trip.

Places to travel SOLO

Solo trips are amazing, aren’t they? Exploring alone and leaving everything behind. The solo trip feels like being free, no stress, no tensions and just doing whatever you like. Here are some places to travel when you go SOLO. Here are some best place to travel around the globe.

  • Costa Rico

Costa Rico, best place to travel

One of the best places to visit. This place has everything which you want. Hiking, trekking, mountains, and adding to this a national park. A solo traveller needs some thrill to his/her trip, this country has got it all. Talking about the food, it has it’s traditional based restaurants which provide food. Whereas, the mode of communication is easy.

  • Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm, best place to travel

If you are among those who love to eat and love boating, then this place is for you. People of Stockholm, are more generous and helpful as many tourist states in their experiences. Even, there are a lot of restaurants which you can enjoy for 2-3 days and visiting various islands making it more fun.

  • Canada

canada, best place to travel

Well, second home to most of the Indians. Besides, being called Mini-Punjab this place has its own story. Canada is one of those countries which is the best area around the globe. Enjoying various places like Vancouver, Ontario and Toronto add this place as of the most enjoyable places.

Places to travel with family

Family moments adds unforgettable moments to your life which you can’t forget, right? But have you ever thought to make them more exciting than ever before? These places can help do so, making them spicy and crunchy as you expect them to be. Here are one of the best place to travel around the world.

  • Kashmir, India


Known as heaven to earth, Kashmir is one of the beautiful places a person could ever visit. This place has all that a family trip needs. Site seeing, food, adventurous roads, mountains and adding to this city of nature. This place can bring a heck lot of memories to a person’s life.

  • Bali, Indonesia


Most travellers have this place in common. Bali has created a love for itself all over the world. Having its own beach and tourist places, it adds memories to a person’s memory list. A person can never get bored because of various festival vibes and thrilling watermarks.

  • Glacier National Park, USA

 glacier national park, best place to visit

If your family is fond of having a life full of hardcore adventures, then this place is for you. This place is breathtaking, viewing sunsets, glaciers and huge mountains are shocking. Adding to this, you can even see a bear, mountain sheep in such places, which are not seen in urban areas.

Places to travel with friends

Every place becomes best when it comes to being with friends. Each group has that one crazy person to make your journey special in every way possible and one to make it exciting. Various mixtures of friends are like various weathers of nature, they have their own feeling and when combined can do wonders. Here are one of the best place to travel around the world.

  • Rishikesh, India

rishikesh, best place to travel

Rafting is a wonderful experience when you’re with friends. This is a place which tops the list. Rishikesh is one of the best places for it. This rafting ends with a bonfire making it memorable in a person’s life. This is a place where you can go with your gang and have fun you’ve never experienced before.

  • Andaman Islands, India

andaman islands

If your gang is kind of water bond, this place can stun you. One of the best place to visit in terms of marine life. Andaman Islands, South India adds to their tourist life, scuba diving, experience underwater life and with it trekking which is more fun makes it more chilling and thrilling at the same time.

Places to travel with spouse

Love is treated as the best medicine to cure a person emotionally, mentally and physically. But, above this what makes a person special is the number of memories they give to a person. Here, are some places which can add your memory list and even top them. Here are one of the best place to travel all around the world.

  • Tanzania

tanzania, best place to travel

Nature is loved by all of us. Safari is something which every one of us has not experienced. Here it is possible, a safari ride in open fields on Tanzania can make you feel the true pleasure of nature with the locals and guides. Not only this, but you can also see real wild animals and feel the wild vibe of nature.

  • Tulum, Mexico


Intimacy is required in every relationship to keep the spark alive. This place can add spark to any relationship. Counted as one of the best romantic places, it has its own beach and activities to make it more special for the people visiting it.

  • Paris, France


Well, we all know what this place is all about. Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world, and we all know why it is so. Adding to this, we can see various celebrations on valentine’s day, women’s day and feel the moments within ourselves. This also brings a tremendous amount of moments to a couple of life adding to their memory life.

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