talking to someone

Best trick for talking to someone you don’t know

This is where many of us fail, talking to someone is that task which everyone wants to accomplish.

Well, it is one of the easiest tasks to do.

Often we think the after consequences of building a long-distance, working relationship, romantic moments, surprises, Valentine’s ideas, and all the problem-solving techniques. Right? But we’re afraid of talking.

What the worse can happen? The person you want to talk won’t talk to you, even they aren’t doing it right now.

Talking to someone is way simple, just take a risk and you’ll be over it. Before asking for a date go with these ways

Open body language

open body language

This is one of the most crucial things which is needed while talking. Body posture decides if the person is interested in talking to you or not. Imagine, you got to someone and they don’t respond to you. Smile with good body posture will work best for you.

Use open-end questions

open end questions

This will help you to know how a person thinks or about their mentality level. This will allow them to be more open than small talks. Moreover, awkward silences won’t be there in between two people talking. Allow them to complete their sentences, don’t interrupt in between that will break the flow.


talking to someone

One of the most important tasks while talking to someone. Listening to them carefully will let you put more open-end questions and knowing a person at a certain level where they become comfortable. Often, people multitask while talking, a person talking loses interest in talking and leaves.

Pin “Me Too’s”

talking to someone

This is a trigger. Not only a trigger but the best thing you can do. Having something in common doesn’t let the topic finish. In addition to this, “me too’s” brings comfortability with the person you’re talking to.

Be brief

be brief

Have you ever solved a mystery? After solving you feel happy right. Stay the same while talking to someone. Don’t provide details rather stay brief in everything. Providing details of everything will let a person lose interest in you later or sooner.



Leaving a person with laughter until and unless they burst their tears out, won’t let a person forget you. Everyone wants to laugh. In stressful life, everyone wants to make some happy memories which you can bring. This works best with opposite genders.

These are some ways by which every one of you can go ahead and start speaking to someone you want to. Not only this, it would not only build confidence but also communication with pitch as well as volume. This intrigues expertise in communication which everyone is afraid of.

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