very small living room ideas

6 best very small living room ideas (2020)

Small spacing is a problem, but not anymore. Here’s the solution today, very small living room ideas which can impress anyone who visits it for the very first time.

Very small living room ideas only have one thing which you need to focus on. How to get more spacing?

This is the part where most people lack and things get absurd. Well, you can overcome this problem easily. How? Just keep scrolling and you’ll get the solution you’re finding for a while.

Things to remember while decorating very small rooms:

  1. Work according to the Layout: The best way to get things done is in the flow. You need to understand the type of layout you have and what would make it look better than before.
  2. Don’t get too much stuff: Getting a lot of stuff might make your small room more sophisticated and messier. This will not only make it look bad but also will make look pretty bad who visits your room for the first time.
  3. Get furniture of a particular size: Depending on the size of your room choose the correct furniture you need. This will make your room more tidy and clean than it is. And with lighting, it makes the room more glowing.

Choose a good color scheme

room color palette, very small living room ideas

Rooms with a color scheme or a color palette can amaze every person who goes with it. Color scheme or palette not only makes room look more beautiful but also makes it more attractive.

Imagine, you walk into to room with no colors? How would you feel?

Bad, right? Well, now think of the opposite a room with good color scheme and proper lighting will a good impression of you infront of the person visiting your crib for the very first time.

Opt for Snuggler

room snuggler, very small living room ideas

A big sofa often takes a lot of space, but how do you think you can make the room better. Honestly, if you opt for snuggler this can make things a bit more comfortable for you. Snuggler not only makes space for you but also gives you the choice to choose the color of it according to the color of the walls.

Besides, this will not only get you the best for your room but also the one which makes you comfortable. Adding some proper lighting to it will make the room amazing than before.

Buy a rug

rug for room

How do you make things classic? Rug is one of them. It not only bring attention but also adds to the brightness of the room.

Rugs work best for the rooms which are theme based or color palette based.

In addition to this, rugs add contrast to the rooms colors. With this adding some furniture to it will make it look more glowing and attractive than ever before.

Workspace for mirrors

mirror for rooms, very small living room ideas

Mirrors can do much more addition to the room than we think. Mirrors not only make a small room look bigger but also makes it look more attractive.

For a small room mirror should be proprotionate to the size of the room.

Adding some frames and lighting to the mirror will make it look perfect and better than anything else in the room. With this you cannot only create a good impact but also an impression on the person visiting.

Choose the furniture wisely

furniture for room

Well, while making any decision to buy furniture make sure to don’t get something that looks odd for a small room.

Bigger the furniture, less the space to fit it. You need to get furniture that fits your room and makes it look classic and vulnerable to move around the house easily.

How would you feel, if you walked into a small room which have oversize furnitures fixed in it?

Obviously weird. Well, so get things according to the proper size which can match the color theme of the room and make your crib a better place than it was before.

Use wall for storage

very small living room ideas, storage for room

Sometimes you got less space and things are more. Well, this often becomes a problem for a lot of us, right? So, how would you create storage for yourself.

Simple, use walls in smart way.

How? Get some baskets to hang around the walls in contrast to the colors of the walls. And you got some storage space for yourself. You can store handkerchiefs, notebooks, stationary in these. This will help you store a lot of small stuff.

How do you style a small living room?

There are certain ways to style a room. You have to stick to few things while styling a small living room.
1. Choose a color palette for room.
2. Buy furniture wisely.
3. Use mirrors and rugs for a better color contrast.
4. Work on lighting.

How can I make a small living room look expensive?

Answer to this question is very simple. Maintain and keep things which glow everything more. How? Below is the answer.
1. Get good pair of curtains and put the a bit high.
2. Buy good lighting lamps for the room.
3. Get snugglers with contrast colors to the walls.

How can I make my room look good without money?

This is one of the most exciting things which you can do by yourself

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