COVID relief

COVID relief of 1.7 lakh Crore given to BPL people

As we know that India is a highly populated country, but apart from this it is one of the top-ranking countries and had patients suffering from COVID-19  which are been recovered.

Or we can say it is that country with the highest ranking of youth ideas and intelligence.  The upcoming youth is taking the incite in each and every field no matters it belongs to their field or not.

Do you think youth is doing at its best level to save the patients?

YES, and the reason is no matter at which stage you are living or from which religion you belong to but apart from this the first thing that comes to mind is, HOW?



“Government is providing a money shelter to needy people”

The workers working day and night just to fulfill their basic needs that are food and shelter. The workers those who get their wages on the bases of their daily handwork. What?

About them how they will be getting their wages in these 21 days of LOCKDOWN? Did anyone think about that?

NO, because, everyone is busy with their problems that how they can get their money and is worried about their own business or their job.

But, there is one organization that is thinking and usually, we can say, thinks about our poor citizens; i.e; BPL (below poverty line) that hardly earns a little to fulfill their needs or we can say their hunger especially.

So, this Government had given a big relief by providing 1.7 lakh Crore to India so that they can fill their hunger and stay healthy to fight against COVID-19.

Through, this financial support Indians would be getting their proper food to stay alive. We can say this is the biggest and valuable incite taken by the Indian Government.

As, through this money, they will be having their, little amount of saving for their future use, during this lockdown period.

Steps to safety



By, providing the money to them, they will be able to take the necessary precautions like sanitizers and masks. Thus, with the proper hygienic foods and grains.


government relief

Adding to this, something that we all are missing is that; government is taking care of BPL citizens. Besides, not only this there are many more funds in which the Indian government is providing.

Even, working on economic crises is happening all over the world but still providing all relief to Indians. The government has done a great job of providing a sense of relief in people by providing basic things they need for survival in the fight of COVID.

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