COVID unemployment

COVID unemployment over world

COVID unemployment all over the world. Lockdown is the main reason for the unemployment of the countries.

What do you think all business firms are up to?

Well, we all know what’s going on around the world. Every life is in danger.

But, are we working enough to keep the economy at the level as it was?

The answer is a big “NO”. Every firm has suspended its work due to lockdown in various countries. Firms like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, and Groffers have stopped taking orders for the sake of people. Staying inside is the only way possible for a common man to resist this problem.


canada covid

In-country like Canada, which is home to a lot of people. There has been a tremendous change in the economy. According to a recent study, approximately 9,60,000 people are unemployed and are estimated to be double until the end of COVID-19.

But, above all this, the government is working and taking proper health care facilities to keep the public safe and sound.

Not only this, but places like Vancouver and Toronto have also faced a huge amount of fall in their income level. Moreover, adding to this just imagine how people would have been managing their lives in such conditions.

So, many sacrifices would have been made up by people so that they could feed themselves.

United States

US covid

Even, the United States has been working accordingly. People have been staying inside because of the lockdown preventing themselves from this virus. COVID-19 has hit unemployment at a large stake, covering mostly all of the countries.

The US is worried and is taking several steps to overcome this disease because if it lasts long, economic crises would lead to worries in humankind. Several after-effects that can be seen in the future are easily predictable.

So that it should not happen, several steps are been taken at the public level aggressively.

People have filed for unemployment insurance, making it clear that a lot of jobs have been lost in this meantime. COVID is not only keeping social distancing but also is leading to the Great Recession in the near future.

This is why there is a fall in economic crises. But, it depends on people how they are helping each other. In fact, each and every country’s government are taking a huge level to precations to keep people safe.


COVID india In India, 8.3 crores have been provided to the BPL category so that everyone could eat and live life safely during the lockdown. Besides, such steps are taken at various levels in the world so as to reduce the number of cases of COVID-19 and defeat it. India also discovered 1st test kit for this virus and is started working on it.

COVID-19 leads to unemployment but cannot eradicate a person’s will and their mindset.

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