COVID vaccine revealed: Moderna encourages relief at phase 1

COVID vaccine revealed: Moderna encourages relief at phase 1

We all know what the world is going through, right? And everyone is worried if we could find a COVID vaccine or not. Besides, there are many organizations working hardcore just to find a cure for this coronavirus outbreak around the world.

Not only this, in the USA various operations are starting focusing only on finding a cure to it. This project “Operations Warp Speed” includes the best people at work for finding the COVID vaccine. Whereas, in India, lockdown extends in its various states until 31st May.

Oxford University on COVID vaccine testing on animals

oxford university covid testing, COVID vaccine

Various organizations are on run for finding the COVID vaccine amongst which one was Oxford University. University was the only organization to have the fastest trials on humans. As their trial started, they added that they might have found the coronavirus cure. But, eventually, they failed at doing so. Sometimes, things don’t go the way we want them to go. Reaching later to the stage they have made it official.

But, as this all was going on, here is some good news to make your day. 

Moderna passes the human trials in phase 1


Moderna, a Cambridge, Massachusetts based company pulls a great move against this invisible enemy. Not only this but their trials on humans also have a great impact as people are recovering from it. Testing on eight humans on recovering from the antidote at the first trial is winning the fight. There are chances that the COVID vaccine can develop in the coming weeks if the trials go perfect with this stake.

As Moderna is doing amazingly well in phase 1, they are ready to go for phase 2 of the COVID vaccine check. Partnering with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases they will go with phase 2 doing it on a larger scale.

And as soon as it gives a positive result, both organizations will go for phase 3 where the performance of the 1st and 2nd phase will be on the check. Both organizations are working hard enough to get the COVID vaccine. As we all know how much damage is public of each nation is already facing.

If we see Moderna is already ahead of the coronavirus outbreak by winning over it in phase 1. However, people can have a sense of relief that someone is working hard enough to find a cure for this virus.

What is helping Moderna?

operation warp speed

Besides all this is happening, the US government is there providing them with all the backup they so. America is one of those countries who is worst hit by the coronavirus outbreak but keeping all things together. The US is not only helping itself but also other countries so as to make things go better around the globe.

Even in one of the interviews when “Operation Warp Speed” was unveiled to the public, Donald Trump is his statement mentions to get the COVID vaccine by the end of this year or even before. This not only encourages people or citizens of the US but also the whole world.

As the testing of human trials is going on a common thing to come in the notice is the red rash. This red rash begins at the place where the COVID vaccine is injecting in the body. Just imagine, you become immune to coronavirus. It will feel like becoming a superhuman or having a feeling of becoming a mutant that can fight any disease. It sounds fun and amazing, right?

Well, there are superhumans who are fighting this invisible disease which is damaging the world at large stake. These superhumans deserve respect from the world for coming up at taking the stand of each and every person who is alive or who can live. Putting their families aside, they are working hard to bring peace and cure this coronavirus outbreak by making the COVID vaccine.

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