dating advice for men

8 surprising dating advice for men

We all have that one friend who gives dating advice to men and women. Right?

Although, they are the ones who are single whole their lifetime. It seems funny. Matter fact people pay for taking advice for dating someone they like.

Creating romantic moments, surprises and a good working relationship needs time and trust.

Wholesome, dating someone or doing something special for someone can do wonders for them. But many of us fail while starting a conversation with someone. Not anymore, here is some best advice which you can follow before taking your girl on a date.

Don’t act cool

don't act cool

Acting cool can make you look stupid more than you think. Stay as you’re. Acting cool can worsen things, making a bad impression on the person you are going on a date with. Rather, be calm and make her laugh. This instead will make a better impression.

Work on details

work on details


Working on details can amaze the person you’re dating. If you want to make her feel special this is the best thing you can do. Appreciate those little moments for making her special in your life. Well, everyone likes to be appreciated rather than being complimented.

Understand the other side

understanding other's side


Men and women think differently. You need to understand how your date thinks whenever you present something in front of them. Rather than saying try to listen and understand what your date is trying to say. Often, not listening carefully makes communication bridges.

Don’t be a pervert

dating advice for men


Ladies know what kind of men they are dating, don’t act a person who wants to lay in bed with her. First comes comfort check if she is comfortable or not. Then, comes trust. Adding to it comes insecurities after this happens what we call sex. So, go for those three things before going to bed with her.

Try avoiding “ex”periences

dating advice for men


Sharing your past is good but in the first meet can ruin somethings for both of you. Rather than talking about your ex or your breakup, go for “Me Too’s” which would keep the spark of the conversation alive. Speaking of an ex can make you look like a cry baby in front of your date.

Follow call to action accordingly

dating advice for men


If you didn’t like the date, rather than lying say it to their face. If this happens so, don’t end it by saying that you’ll call them later. Take stand by yourself. If your date has gone well, appreciate them. People like to be appreciated rather being complimented by someone else.

Meeting someone for the first time and making the best impression is what everyone wants. Just imagine if those couples who are in a long-distance relationship and still manage to have a healthy relationship. Things look way more simple now, right? Just be yourself and go with the flow enjoying each and every moment of your life. These are best dating advice for men which you can follow to nail your date with a banger.

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