DIY face masks

DIY face masks can treat your face better than anything

Treating face every day with something and not getting proper results. You just need to try DIY face masks which can help you out.

Do you want better skin? You want a glowing face? Need better skin than before?

Well, every one lady seeks it. Matter fact, everyone needs it. Everyone needs solutions to their skin. The best way to treat your skin is by treating it naturally.

Maintaining good skin is not too easy but making it easy, you just need to try these DIY face masks. These count as home remedies that anyone can follow without using any chemicals or without any side effects.

Banana face mask

DIY face masksBananas are known for one of the best fruits which can help gain energy. But, not only this, but it can also add up to the glow of a person. Surprise! Moreover, there is a simple way of using it. Just take a banana to eat half of it and mash the rest of it in a bowl.

Source: Youtube: superWOWstyle!

Secondly, add one tablespoon of honey and orange juice to it. Now apply directly apply it over your face and you’re done. Rinse it off after 15 mins and moisturize it.

Papaya face mask

DIY face masksPapaya can do more than you think. It can help you bring the joyous face that no one would have seen before. There are no tricks for using it. Mash papaya and mix it with honey. Then directly apply it to your skin and let it soak in the skin for 15 mins. Now rinse it off and moisturize it.

Mustard face mask

DIY face masks

Mustard seeds can do wonders for your skin. Its effects on skin can really amaze heck out of you. Want to fix acne, inflammation, and sensitivity on your skin you need to use mustard. just directly apply yellow mustard to skin. As soon as it is done, leave it for around 20 mins. Then rinse it off and moisturize.

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