way of trimming a beard

Easy way of trimming beard

Ever wondered why models tend to maintain their beard styles. Just because beard makes you look much better than other beside you. Want to know how is this possible?

Well, everything is possible in this world. You just need to find the way. Here, you’ll get to know the way of trimming a beard and even maintain it. For many beards is hard to maintain, try this way of trimming the beard. These will help you out.

How to trim beard – properly

combing beard

Step 1:

Start with combing the beard to untangle it and make it easier to trim. As soon as you untangle and comb the beard using any trimmer, set the length you need. Go against the direction of beard growth to trim it. After doing so, change the length of trimmer short to make it even and more attractive.

trim neckline Step 2:

For a perfect neckline trimming, put two fingers on your Adam’s apple and define neckline using a trimmer. If you are maintaining a full beard it is important to define neckline. After defining neckline, using trimmer trim beard hair pulling trimmer downwards. Also, remove the hair left after trimming the neckline, they can make you look ugly and unhygienic.

cheeklineStep 3:

Cheek line plays a way more important role than anything. The fewer cheek lines the more attention to face is drawn. To keep it, cheek line must be kept as less as possible.

mustacheStep 4:

Last but not the least mustache. Comb all the hair of side first and then align them using the scissors. Then comb over the lips and remove the excessive hair over the lips or excessive length.

Just to give a final touch use beard oil to keep beard hydrated and remove itching. Well, this is a way a man can trim his beard and maintain it. But, there are some additional tips which everyone should take care of while trimming a beard.

Additional tips to trim beard:

  • Always trim, when the beard is dry. It gives a better look.
  • If you are using clippers for even cut of beard make sure to do heck lot of investment on it. They play a major role in trimming.
  • Never use a guard for all the trimming of beard, a specific role is defined to all the guards. This can ruin your trimming.  Don’t assume all guards are the same.