formal hairstyle

5 simple formal hairstyle easy to do

Working in a proper dress with a formal hairstyle becomes difficult for many. Right?

Well, of course. Hairs are one of the difficult things for many to maintain. But not anymore. Need a formal hairstyle lets to get ahead with it.

Most importantly hair length decides the type of hairstyle for a person.

It’s easy to style every hair length besides long, medium and short.

Before getting into formal hairstyle everyone needs to follow some basics for a good formal hairstyle.

  • Cleanliness: Well most of us want ourselves nice and clean. Right? Similarly, going to any occasion you need a clean haircut that looks good on your personality.
  • Versatile: Your hairstyle should not only work for one time. Rather, it should go with your personality each and every time. Enjoying at a party or being in a meeting is a sign of a good formal hairstyle.

Slicked back haircut

slicked back formal hairstyle

One of the most famous and easiest hairstyles for men to do. It can help each and every man to attend any meeting or occasion. Moreover, it can go with many variations as undercut, fade, low slicked back and many others which you can imagine. Works well for a formal dress for a meeting (excluding suits).



Having wavy and curly hairs creating a problem for a formal hairstyle? Then, you haven’t followed this hairstyle. Adding to the volume, texture, and style of a personality giving you a proper formal look. What else do you want! This kind of hairstyle works well with suits rather than any other dress.

Taper haircut

taper formal hairstyle

Trending haircuts in 2019, a combination of various haircuts is what taper is. Instead of clippers, scissors are used. providing a base to pompadour, slicked back, quiff, high and low fade is what it does. A taper cut is most common these days used by every professional for hairstyling. It even works for medium hair length.

Neat Afro

neat afro

The most versatile hairstyle works evenly for men and women. This modern afro haircut leads both medium hairstyling for women and men both. This haircut is considered one of the funkiest hairstyles from the 90s which many celebrities have followed.



Making its place in hairstyling from the 1940s this hairstyle has used of its own. Making if famous at earlier stages many complimentary haircuts have made up with formal dressing. A quiff is easy to maintain that pompadour providing a classic look.

Additional Tips:

  1. While styling hair use a hair gel or a wax to maintain texture and volume for a better look.
  2. Don’t over shampoo your hair it might damage a lot of hair and even break them.
  3. Trimming and maintaining the length will keep hair health good.


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