8 exciting way on how to have a healthy relationship 2021

Being in a relationship is easy, we often share our relationship with someone special. But the question that comes to our mind is, how to have a healthy relationship? How can I keep things best?

Well, there are simple answers and steps to it. 

What are the ways on how to have a healthy relationship, you’re probably wondering the answer to this question. Don’t think, we got the solution to it. 

What are the three C’s in a healthy relationship?

Let us know what are the basic things you need to know which are common in every relationship that matters to you. So here we go with it. Follow the 3 C’s along with your relation.

  1. Communication – Every relationship requires this basic thing which can help you move forward with things in your life, any difference or gap in this thing might be the reasons for breakup or separation of relationship. 
  2. Commitments – You know when you’re ambitious for something, the same happens when you’re in a relationship it becomes a responsibility. 
  3. Compromise – Relationship goes through different phases, sometimes being at the worst sometimes the best they could ever have. Growing apart and staying together makes it more special and unique.

These are the basics to know how to have a healthy relationship. Besides, having any relationship, you need to keep these in mind.

Now let’s move ahead with it. What key points make a healthy relationship or how a relationship lasts long.

Tips on how to have a healthy relationship

Have a deeper look at what makes a relationship more healthy and fun rather than being one of those couples which struggle with fights and arguments which leads to splitting.

Maintaining a relationship is not easy but it can be sorted if you have or build things in the relationship accordingly. 

Follow these steps along and you can solve every relationship problem you’re facing. 

Measure and set boundaries

Dealing with problems alone can be a bit hard, but when it comes to relationships things change a bit. However, things become different, decisions go for the relationship as well as for the individual. 

Setting boundaries not only sets the tone and limits for the relationship but also brings the responsibility towards the individual for the relationship. 

Doing this is one of the parts where confrontations work best. One of the keys on how to have a healthy relationship. 

Staying on commitments 

We all are ambitious but what motivates a person to have commitments and stick to them. There is always a reason to give up on things, but there is also one reason to stay with that commitment. 

Moreover, having a commitment towards that one person makes them feel special. 

And, having affection followed by some actions make it better and better every day. This not only aligns the relationship in a healthy way but adds memories to it. 

Having quality time together

“How to have a healthy relationship?” This is the question we all need answers to. Let’s make it easier for you. What would you do if you got the chance to spend with the love of your life?

Everyone of you would do something or the other. But what would be the one common thing which you all would do? You all would be spending time and would know each other well. 

Adding to this, having memories and cherishing them, it makes the journey wonderful and enjoyable. 

What is one of the common statements you have heard among couples,”I want us to spend more time together”. 

We can’t have enough of the person we love, but with time we gradually set the tone which is adjusted with time. This not only builds respect and trust in a relationship but also adds commitment with it.

Be flexible with changes

There are different phases which a relationship goes through – adjustments, patience, compromises are part of it making it a bit complicated.

But this all doesn’t change the good taste of a relationship. 

Everyone goes through personal changes which might affect the person we love. Though we do not intentionally hurt them or want to upset them but things turn around that way. A person’s decision and actions will affect their loved ones. 

And in a relationship being too close to someone can make things better and hard at the same time. 

Understanding the change and appreciating that change will make it amazingly hard to stick to around with it. But if you go through this, you know exactly how to have a healthy relationship. 

Move along with differences

When two individuals or personalities decide to stick together, there are major differences in them which they might not know. 

A person is like a book which has unlimited pages to read and understand. And if you love them it becomes sometimes hard to cope up with them. Similarly, when you see the difference, either to decide how to fill it or it becomes the root of clashes.

Making changes is the only decision left to sort things out. 

Where clashes become reasons for breakup and if you overcome the difference then you are way up than many relationships which don’t know how to have a healthy relationship.

Don’t lose yourself on the way

Having your own personality with self awareness defines a person. Is it happening when you’re in a relationship? 

Probably, many of us won’t have the answer to this question. What adds to this? What does it mean?

Losing yourself means when you stop thinking of yourself and start doing for others. Adding to this setting aside your ambitions and working for others is a good thing until and unless your work is paying you for it.

When that one person becomes the only reason it is the time when you understand how important that person is. 

Knowing what you exactly want and not losing focus of it is one of the steps on how to have a healthy relationship.

Maintain the balance

One of the strong relationship tips for how to have a healthy relationship is maintaining the balance.

You might be wondering what to balance? 

Don’t worry, we got the answer to it. 

Besides our partner there are a lot of things which we enjoy doing, we have other people which matter to us. This is where you need to maintain the balance.

However, giving enough time to the person that matters makes them feel respected and trusted.This adds to a healthy relationship which has a lot of memories and respect towards relationships.

Confrontations, acceptance and support keep things going

If your partner doesn’t accept you as you’re, will you ever feel worth it? Obviously NO. This will not only constitute a healthy relationship but along with this comes two more things which need to along with it. 

Whenever, there is a rough phase in a relationship or there is something which either of the partners wants the other one to know. That becomes confrontations. Whenever you start  having any of these, you know how to have a healthy relationship.

How would you feel, when everyone is against one thing which you’re doing and at that phase of time, only one person stands besides you. 

That person would earn your respect. Not as your partner but as an individual who believes in you. Right? Same along the other way round. If you seek this support and get it, then you’re going the right way.

If you, either you are yet on the verge to know how to have a healthy relationship or there’s room for improvement in the relationship. 


Being in a relationship along with maintaining it well makes and builds up to the memories and decision which you can have along your life time. Besides, there is a lot which you can enjoy but, if you know how to have an healthy relationship, you can overcome any situation even if you’re starting a long distance relationship.

How do you know if you are with the right person?

If you ever feel motivated, respected and felt the connection or bond which you would like to share with someone else, that part is where you know you can spend time with them. But, when it comes to being the right person, ask yourself these question.
1. Are you self-aware?
2. Are you improving everyday?
3. Do you feel the responsibility?

How do you know a relationship will last?

If you know how to have a healthy relationship, things can go beyond it. However, insecurities hit every relationship. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself whenever you want to know if you relationship will last:
1. Are the efforts consistent?
2. Do you understand the need of each other?
3. Are both comfortable with making confrontations?
4. Is support authentic?

How can I make my relationship strong?

Well, there are a few things you need to take care of while you want to make a relationship strong.
1. Analyze the difference and overcome it.
2. Break the communication gap
3. Support at the worst part of your partner’s phase
4. Build habits or activities to do along.

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