how to move on from a relationship

10 best ways how to move on from a relationship in 2021

Breakups can be rough and obviously, you could get stuck at one point. But, rather than sticking at one position, think about how to move on from a relationship.

Doing this will not only save you time but also will build your self-esteem – making you a better person. 

However, it won’t be easy but will eventually get better. 

Most of us have gone through a bad heartbreak, but have a look with a different perspective. What would you do if that person never existed in your life?

Focus on your goals and work harder, right? Then go ahead and do it. 

The question you would be thinking is,” How can I overcome my past?”. You need to know a few things on how to move on from a relationship.

Let’s go step-by-step

1. Understand your own feeling 

understand your own feelings, how to move on from a relationship

Most of us forget ourselves in the relationship. This blurs out the focus of us on our goals and ourselves. You need to understand what actually happened and figure out a way to go out of it. Sometimes exploring makes things better.


Not everyone explores themselves, this not only makes things a bit difficult for them but also adds stress to them. 

Knowing your own emotions and controlling them is one of the best ways for you to know how to move on from a relationship and get over it.

And, polishing a way to control your emotions will not only give you an advantage but will help you to know how to move on from a relationship that you share with anyone around you. 

2. Break the contact

People in relationships are like magnets, they love to stick together. What happens when that couple separates?

Obviously, they avoid each other and move on. Ever thought about why they do so?

Staying with that person might not workout as it used to be or it will become difficult for both to move on. Breaking the contact brings the core focus to everything you want to do. 

This lets you explore how to move on from a relationship. Making things worse, some of us stay in the same position for months and stalk our exes.

This doesn’t bring any change to our lives. Breaking contact will let you shift the focus of that one person. 

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3. Forgive and forget

forgive and forget

The best way for everyone who wants to know how to move on from a relationship is to forgive the mistakes your partner made while you shared a relationship and forget it.

Holding any grudges will not only make you hate the person but also will waste your time. 

Let’s take an example – Have you ever seen parents holding any grudges against their children. Obviously not. Why so? Because of the people we love, we forgive them so that we can have a good start again and cherish moments.

Forgiving is one of the most underrated qualities which a person could have. 

This not only makes your life happier but also makes it more stress-free. So, how to move on from a relationship – Forgive and forget

4. Talk about it

We all have that one person on our contact list who is always available for us. If you feel alone just call that person and meet them. 

This will give you an immense amount of relief. 

“Every problem has a solution.” we all have heard this line at once. The question is how to find the solution? Talk about it to someone you trust. 

Or to someone who has gone through the same as you are. This will narrow down your focus and you will come closer to steps on how to move on from a relationship. 

When you have tears in your eyes, you go out of focus so, talk about it clear your tears and move on. This is the best way to your best selves. 

5. Narrow down your focus

narrow down your focus, how to move on from a relationship

What does this line mean? Well, you have ambitions or goals in your life, right?

Being alone brings out the aggression and craving to fulfill the goals equally as you want that one person to return to you. 

You can use or shift the focus of your ex to your goal or ambition which will not only let to get closer to your goal, rather you won’t need anyone to tell you how to move on from a relationship. 

However, this is where most individuals fail but if you go ahead with this and get it in the right direction. 

You’ll be ahead of many around you. 

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6. Stay away from reminders

Cutting of the reminder of the person you had a relationship with will never distract you or let you out of focus on which you’re trying to stick. 

Avoid every moment or activity you shared with that person. That sometimes puts you in a bad place. 

It’s ok to remember moments if you are being sad about them rather than cheering them. This means things are going south for you and you need to change or come over it. 

One of the major steps you need to take to know how to move on from a relationship. 

Rather indulge yourself in some activity which you enjoy. 

7. Find enjoyment

find enjoyment

There’s a go-to for everyone. This not only makes you feel better and relaxed but cheers you up as well. 

You need to find your own enjoyment, a key step towards how to move on from a relationship. Having some moments to yourself makes things better for you as well as your mindset.

Do everything you can to keep yourself occupied. 

This will never let the thought of us hit you anytime and even it does, you got yourself occupied in something or the other. You can bring out the aggression there. 

8. Come across new people

Meeting new people not only lets you distract from your past but also helps you forget it. Hanging out with new people brings something or the other exciting out of you every time.

Being around the people you love or like, adds memories to the book of your life.

Making it one of the best moments sometimes, these gatherings become one of the most important parts of our lives. You never know what could happen when you open up with someone new. 

9. Make a routine

make a routine, how to move on from a relationship

Having a good or healthy lifestyle means being organized. People often get in one of the worst phases of their life when they break up with someone they love. 

Making a routine will help you get organized and will take you a step closer to how to move on from a relationship and build healthy relationships.

Moving ahead with this step is one of those tips that experts advise you to follow. 

Let’s get it this way, which person would you prefer who is really messy and can’t think of anything other than their breakup or the one who has improved/improving himself/herself after their breakup?

Of course the second one. You have the answer to what to become and what to follow.

10. Have SOLO Experiences

Some of us hate being alone, but how about adding some new experiences to our life.

How would you feel when there’s no one to bother you and you can enjoy your alone time? You won’t like to miss this chance.

Well, you shall explore some solo experiences which can help you out with it. This will not only give you new adventures but bring excitement along the road as you follow anything you like. 

For starters – go for a movie alone or sit in a cafe have a coffee.

Not only you will know how to move on from a relationship but will remember these moments for the rest of your life. 


Knowing the fact the one person you loved is not around you anymore is hard, but moving on is part of it. Rather, forgive the person for their mistakes and appreciate the moments you shared along the way. This makes things better for you, besides when it comes to knowing how to move on from a relationship, sooner or later, you will. The point is if, you have to move on later, why not do it sooner and not waste time. Bringing the best out for yourself by narrowing down the focus to your goal and dedicatedly working on it. 

How do you move on from someone you love?

Moving on isn’t easy, it becomes more hard and harder when you have to let go off that one person in your life whom you love the most. But, when its time to move, its time to focus on yourself and work on it.

How do I move on from a serious relationship?

1. Meet new people
2. Spend time with people you love
3. Find your hobby and follow it
4. Work on ambitions and goals
5. Forgive the mistakes of the person you love
6. Cut off all contacts with the person you shared a relationship with

Can you stop loving someone if you truly loved them?

The answer is a NO, you can’t. But you can accept the fact that they belong some where else. Sometimes things aren’t in our control, you have to let go anything to let the other person be happy.

Can you move on if you still love someone?

Yes you can move on if you still love someone. Breakups are bad but sometimes, either one of the partners have to compromise with their feelings and let the other person go. This not only makes things better for them but hard for the other.

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