how to remove holi colors easily

How to remove holi colours easily!

Holi is a festival of colors in a country like India. People playing with colors and water, having fun around coloring each other and enjoying. This festival has its own crazy in every person residing in India. But the question arises is how to remove Holi colours

Holi. Playing for fun is alright but sometimes fun can lead to bad things in the near future. These colors are allergic to many people and many times it leaves a stain on clothes or can damage skin.

Rather than damaging the skin in the future, the following precautions can reduce the pain of removing colors from skin or clothes. Here are some ways how a person can remove Holi colours easily without getting even worrying about it.

Tips which can be followed while playing Holi

Prior to starting playing with colors. Do oiling properly. Oiling in hair and the whole body will act as a shield. It will stop the colors from staying on the body and leading to any consequences. Oiling helps later while removing colors from the body easily. Using Coconut oil for hair to prevent damage and for face, but moisturizer also plays a perfect role as a protector.

washing hairs

  • Never wash hair and body with hot water after Holi. Rather cold water helps in removing colors easily from the body. Due to oiling, it comes off easily by the slide of hand. If not, use a sliced lemon over it. Lemon works as a natural cleansing agent and after using it leave the areas for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes apply moisturizer over it and using lukewarm water wash off the colors.
  • If the colors don’t come off the hair, a formula of lemon juice and curd can be used to rinse colors off. Moreover, the oil used will help it to get it off easily without doing any irritation or damage to the hairs.Facepack
  • Many time it happens, irritation is all over the face where color is applied. To overcome the problem of irritation, face packs are perfect. As it provides proper nutrients to the face. Using multani mitti and using moisturizer after it can give relief to the face irritation. A precaution that everyone should take care of is not to get a facial for about a week after playing Holi.

It’s done. Following these precautions, anyone can play with colors as much as they want to with thinking of the skin and can have fun. Leading to no consequences is a win-win situation over everyone around you because of looking beautiful or handsome. As on the next days going out with no stains on the body will lead to no awkwardness of hiding stains over the skin.