iconic bodycon dress

Iconic bodycon dress every girl dreams of

Everybody loves a slim body and fitted clothes but does everyone get them? No, not every lady gets it. But, they can get it now. Iconic bodycon dress are one of the trending dresses for ladies.

Moreover, it is a dream for many ladies to wear bodycon dress to an occasion. Rather, this can be done today. Here, are some of the iconic bodycon dress that can fit most of every women and they can look amazing. Be the trendy one.

Well, first and foremost thing, you need to know your body type and work on it perfectly accordingly with makeup. If, not get a hint by scrolling down you’ll get to know about the body types. Common body which are usually noticed are what this article is about


iconic bodycon dressOne of the most common feature is that it is one of the easiest body shapes to recognize. Not only this, but also, bodycon dresses for this shape type is easily available. No, changes to any portion is made. In this, hips are larger than the upper body with round shoulders. Mostly, these characteristics are common in such body types but are not specific.


iconic bodycon dressThis is the body type that every lady dreams of. Looking amazing curves is what this body type is. Hips are broader than the upper body and waist looks amazing until and unless the clothing is done perfect. Usually this type of body have upper body heavy which gives a better look to body. Besides, this body type is perfect for bikinis.

Hour glass

iconic bodycon dressPerfect example of body type is this. Not only, the body is in proportion but also the slightly roundness of shoulders can help them look better than anyone. In this body is in proportion as upper body as well as lower body is in proper ratio and legs size goes according to the body. The iconic bodycon dress are one the best dresses which fit these body types and makes them look better than anyone them around them.

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