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10 simple ways for happy independent relationship

Being, in a relationship but finding something missing? What? Not in an independent relationship?

Independence right? “It’s very important to have an independent relationship.”

But why some of the couples are breaking up due to independence?

For some, it might be social anxiety. Some, need a single partner with whom he/she can enjoy his/her whole life. But, this can lead to a heavy responsibility on one’s shoulder to take care of all the things at the same time.

If we are having good relationships with family, friends, and relatives somewhere we have less chance of getting burnt of a relationship. Here, are some ways to enjoy an independent relationship.

How to cope up with an independent relationship?

1. Control your own emotions.

own emotions, independent relationship

Start, working on yourself to make yourself happy. Start recognizing your emotions for the situations so, that you can stand for yourself. Start making quick decisions for yourself. Start making yourself, self- esteem when your partner is unavailable for you. You can get yourself busy in many activities like-: meditation, swimming, yoga and many other physical exercises which will relax your body and mind both.

2. Start something by yourself.

start something by yourself, independent relationship

In, many of the relationships some partners used to share the experiences that happen with them in daily-to-daily life. Especially, girls used to share their small-small topics with their partner and feel very happy and calm. And, when their partner is not available or not interested in their talks they ignore them, and girls find themselves alone. Here you have to take care of yourself in such kind of independent relationship.

3. Understand your partner.

understand your partner

It’s normal in every relationship who keeps their point of view and wants their opinion on top. But, while doing this we forget that we should listen to your partner too. Learn or make a habit to listen to your partner first and then revert.

4. Learn to be independent

independent relatioship

When we are in a relationship we are independent of our partners. Being independent, in a relationship means that you have that much capability to make a decision and keep your point. Don’t be co-independent in your relationship. Thus, being in a co- the independent relationship is not as much as bad we think, but if you want a healthy relationship so, don’t rely so much on your partner.

5. Think about your core values in your life.

core value

Generally, we used to see a relationship that a person used to change himself/herself just to please someone in their life. Is it correct? No, changing for someone is not love, love is to accept that person the way he/she is. Don’t say anyone to change them for you.

6. Maintain your passion/goal

follow your passion, independent relationship

Sometimes, we see that boy or a girl used to leaves his/her passion or hobby just because of love. Why can’t you separate your love life and your carrier life differently? Passion is on one side and love is on one side, if we will leave one thing we will be goanna in trouble. So, live your passions freely although you are in a relationship be, free to live your life and goal.

7. Start loving yourself.

love yourself, independent relationship

When, we are in love we give our most of the time to our love and forget about our self- love. We become so busy loving our partners that we forget about our time and space. We should give our self a personal time. Independent relationship starts with us, and if we can’t love ourself how can we love the other person.

8. Hangout with your friends & family

 hangout with family, independent relationship

When we are in a relationship we want our love to follow us everywhere we are going with our friends. But, taking your love everywhere can lead to a small friendship war between you and your friends. Thus, start hanging out with your friends and family with him/her and try to enjoy yourself with them. This will help you get busy and over your independent relationship.

9. Figure out what else is important.


While in a relationship seems to be that the person you love the most is only important in your life. You, forget about other important things that are important in your life, like your family, friends with whom you used to share, used to hang out with before your love. Just, figure out that some are also as important as your love, you need to be happy with or without your partner.

10. Don’t make pressure on your relationship.

 pressure in work

It’s very easy to fall in love and commit a relationship, unless and under to start being into it. When you are in a relationship he/she start putting lots of pressure in your relationship, which can make the relationship complicated or maybe breakup. Instead, of pressuring in your relationship give some time to focus upon your needs and wants.

It’s common to be with your lover, but give some time to yourself, to your friends and family. Thus, are equally important in our life. Moreover, above all this, you need to have an independent relationship with yourself so that you can stay happy.

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