india test kit for covid

India test kit COVID-19 commercially approved

Well, we all know what coronavirus has done. To defeat, India test kit COVID-19 is approved.

Not only this, commercial approval by Indian FDA/Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO). Besides, molecular diagnostic company Mylab becomes the first organization to get approval for testing and treating COVID-19.

In addition, India is in a lockdown till 14th April’20. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi addresses people to stay inside their homes.

Leaving all this behind, India’s achievement of these test kits can bring a breath of relief in people.

Stating that these health kits can detect coronavirus in just two and a half hours which is more than enough in such a pandemic.

With more than 500+ confirmed cases in India, the COVID fight with India can be won.

  • India can win this pandemic as it did in the past

pathodetect, india test kit COVID

Even in the past winning over silent killer of the earth smallpox and polio, India has shown it best.

Well, this is time again to prove so. Hopefully, India will win this fight and give relief to its citizens. The surprising fact the India test kit for COVID is been developed according to the norms of WHO (World Health Organization).

In addition to this, the company’s kit can study 1000 kits to large labs and 200 to small labs.

In return, the government only wants people to follow their instructions. So that we can help each other in such a stage on COVID.

With all limited resources, as a citizen, you all should stand with each other and support to win over such pandemic as it did in the past. Expectations rise over everything. Even take out time and appreciate the work each and every person who is letting their lives out.

COVID is dangerous we all know that but ones who are fighting to it doctors, police, media, grocery shopkeepers. They also have families but as a citizen, we can coordinate and go above this pandemic.

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