50+ best List of intimate questions to ask a guy (STEP-BY-STEP)

Women, the guy you love or like might be into you. There’s always a chance you never know. But, do you know what intimate questions to ask a guy and get him into you?

No worries, we got a long list of these kind of questions.

You should know what exactly you need and what you’re opting for. Sometimes you tend to ask some questions in excitement which might lower your value.

Be calm and collected while asking these questions because the result of intimate questions to ask a guy may be uncertain.

So, have control over words.

Basic Attraction Questions to ask

While starting those moments which you actually want. Keep in mind to start it slow and steady. Jumping of things might not help you out in any way.

How and what questions to ask is what you’re wondering, right?

Here are some examples which might help you out with these. Not only this, this will let you know your image in front of the person you’re talking to.

  1. What was my first impression on you?
  2. On our first meeting, what you thought of me?
  3. What make me remember you?
  4. Which smell do you love the most?
  5. Have you ever noticed me secretly?
  6. If I granted you three wishes right now, what would you ask from me?
  7. What according to you is missing in me?

These questions make impact and are the base for intimate questions to ask a guy. This not only grabs attention but also lets you know what person thinks of you.

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Get to know the person in every possible way

get to know the person in every possible way

How would you feel if a person knew everything about you and you didn’t know anything about them?

Of course, you’ll become curious, right?

Well, you need to know exactly what the other person does, their likes dislike and don’t forget to know their turn on’s and offs.

Now comes the main part, what questions to ask which can help you further.

  1. What do you enjoy the most?
  2. What is your stress reliever?
  3. Were you ever cheated on?
  4. How many partners have you had?
  5. What made you realize that you were actually in love?
  6. How was your first kiss experience?
  7. Which was the best advice ever given to you?
  8. What’s the biggest change you have observed in yourself?
  9. Which fear made you the strongest?
  10. How often do you get appreciated?

These are some question which will bring out a good serious conversation and build a good bond and trust into you. Besides, these questions take you ahead for intimate questions to ask a guy.

Dig in into the relationship part

intimate questions to ask a guy, get into relationship part

One of the ways to keep interested in another one in you is by staying mysterious and low-key. As mentioned, you need to know as much as you can about the guy you’re interested in.

Start off asking general questions about relationships which will you know what the other person thinks of it.

How to get it? Well, here are some questions to help you out.

  1. What’s your point of view about relationships?
  2. What exactly is a perfect relationship for you?
  3. How do you think your perfect partner would be?
  4. Is there anything you would like to tell me?
  5. Have you ever had relationship fantasies?
  6. Do you often get intimate with someone?

Taking towards intimate questions to ask a guy is what the next step is. After having this much of conversation will help you really know what person is all about.

Intimate questions to ask a guy

intimate questions to ask a guy

After a good conversation with the guy you like, set the vibe or the mood for those intimate questions. If not done so, it might make things awkward between both of you.

Remember to take things slow and steady. Doing a hurry might end things in a wrong way or might not happen anytime soon.

So here are some intimate questions to ask guy.

  1. Do you want me you set bars for you?
  2. Would you like to go hardcore or sensual?
  3. What makes you comfortable?
  4. Do you need some private time?
  5. Can we take a step further?
  6. When did you realize we were in love?
  7. What is the best expression of love?
  8. What was the closest you have felt for me?
  9. How do my lips taste?
  10. Were you caught doing solo? What made it weird?
  11. Which was the last dream you had about me?
  12. Can you help me get relaxed?
serious questions

What if you want to ask intimate questions after a serious conversation? What would work best? Don’t worry we got a solution for that too. Serious conversations not only makes things more clear but also gives a personality check of the person you’re talking to.

  1. What was the best thing you appreciated about me?
  2. How do you feel we’ll end up?
  3. Will we last long enough?
  4. Can we manage ourselves together?
  5. What would be the best advice you would give me?
  6. As a person what trait makes me different?
  7. Do you have any doubts about us?
  8. Is there something you want to confess?
  9. Have I ever hurt you unintentionally?
  10. Do you feel safe around me?
  11. What was the last reason that made you cry?
  12. What is the happiest moment of your life?

Additional questions for a love

intimate questions to ask a guy, questions about love

Love is an amazing feeling and there is not denying it, right? But what actually makes it amazing? Do intimate questions to ask a guy matters? Is there something which can make things awkward?

To solve all these questions, just scroll down.

Best questions about love which you can ask the person you love or is your partner in crime at anytime.

  1. Do you get butterflies on meeting me or being around me?
  2. What are the best things you enjoy about us?
  3. What efforts made our relationship work?
  4. Do you miss us when we’re not together?
  5. How often you dream about us?
  6. Which was the best compliment you got about us?
  7. Do you remember the places where we have moments together?

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