lockdown extention in India

Lockdown extension COVID-19 in India (UPDATED)

Every nation is fighting to win over COVID-19 every day. India is among those countries too, but, things are a bit different. COVID-19 lockdown extension in India is up to 30 April’20.

Besides, WHO is supporting India at an international level. Even, they state that India is the only country to eradicate and win this fight, it won a fight over smallpox and polio. Everyone knows India has one of the most talented people all around the globe.

lockdown extension

In recent studies, India became the first country to launch test kits for COVID-19. Pune based laboratory Mylabs made it in providing it to large as well as small labs for testing various samples. Eventually after meetings of various ministers with Prime Minister Narendra Modi its decision to extend this lockdown

Lockdown extension in India

Above mention, is the tweet of CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal. As lockdown was done at an early stage in India. Because of this early stage lockdown, many resources have been saved.

In addition, many state ministers have contaminated their areas because of severe conditions. Even, considering social distancing is one of the biggest weapons for winning this fight over COVID. Though extending lockdown to 31 April 2020 is there but, this helps to save a lot of lives in India.

In the current scenario, we see people going through difficult phases of their life. Here too, the government of India is providing relief to its public at an aggressive level. Giving relief of 1.7 lakh crores to below poverty line people and even every small amount of contribution is also acceptable in PMrelief fund.

Moreover, various celebrities around the world are helping the nation by contributing some amount. Not only this, spreading the message of social distancing through their social media and giving moral support to the nation. It is true that every person of every nation needs moral support. Also, there is no doubt India is helping the world at every level it can.

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