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10 easy proven long distance dating tips

Dating someone from the same city might be quite easy, but dating from a long distance is hard.

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Communication is a big factor in every relationship to begin, but it may or may not be the most important part of maintaining successful long-distance dating.

Through this only you can understand the feelings of your partner.

  • What does long-distance dating relate to?

LDR or long distance dating means a romantic relationship between two partners who are far away from each other.

  • How can you begin?

couple talking, long distance dating

  1. Utilize your time to know each other.
  2. Slowly and calmly start your communication.
  3. Try to meet the person as soon as possible.
  4. Maintain a healthy communication
  5. Don’t make your communication boring.
  • What to do if your partner lives far away from you?

talking on call, long distance dating

  1. Be in contact with your partner.
  2. Be comfortable enough to manage your time to communicate.
  3. Send him/her morning/ night messages.
  4. Nix talking about other guys.
  5. Conference him/ her that you like him/her.
  • Online dating.

dating app, long distance dating

Dating through the internet can work if the couple what to be together.

Couples who are in love can survive and can maintain their love online too.

  • How long you can date?

how long can you date

Around 2-3-year mark.

After two or three years, it’s time to wrapping things up.

It’s up to you that you want to continue or not.

  • Are long-distance relationships bad?

long distance dating

Mayor may not, because it totally depends upon you.

Lots of them also fail for the same reasons.

Remember, there are only 70% of couples that have their successful relationship in long-distance dating.


  1. Avoid excessive communication

excessive communication

Many of the couples think that talking too much can make your relationship strong. But, it’s not true talking too much can make your relationship boring.

  1. Set some rules.

set some goals

You both should be clear enough with your goals and with your personal, priorities.

  1. Talk daily

talk daily

Try to talk on a regular base, so that you can know each other soon. Share your pics, videos.

  1. Naughty talks

naughty talks

It is okay! to talk dirty, but everything should be in a limit so that your partner couldn’t feel offended or some kind of miss behavior from your side.

Keep the flames burning by sending each other teasing texts with love and emotions.

Sexual desires are like the glue that fixes both souls together.

  1. Oops!! It’s dangerous

blaming each other

If you are pretty sure that sending, saying or blaming this can make your partner angry avoid doing that particular thing, apart from that try to solve that thing.

There are many dating apps through which you can find your partner.

Tinder is the biggest and a great app for dating someone. Thus, dating is not bad it’s just healthy flirting between couples.

Try, to socialize your love life.

Try, to write some kinds of quotes or some sort of easy by our self.


Never, give up must try once in your life.

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