marble nails

Marble nails keeping you behind not anymore

Do you need a nail art that can stun everyone? Well, marble nails art can help you with that.

Don’t you know what is marble nails? It’s alright. Ever seen finishing in the kitchen or on floors done with marble. Wonder you getting the same finish on your nails.

Yes, you read right the same finish on nails.

marble nails


Well all know, nails are one of the major things ladies look after. One of the most trending things needs an idea. Right? Similarly, marble nails are one of the trending nail designs in which you can get and mesmerize everyone around you.

Moreover, everyone like luxurious things. These nail designs give to that luxury look which can match most of the dresses with the same contrast and style.

Rather, you all would be wondering how to make those nail designs. Giving them the best look. It is really simple.

Source: Youtube: Paulina’s Passions

However, you’ll still be wondering how to make designs? Don’t worry you’ll get a solution to each and everything. But, you know what many ladies have a tendency to do things right away.

Marble nails are one of the easiest designs to make and impress anyone. Not only this, but you can also use gel to make it more attractive and realistic. This will help you in maintaining the design of the nail.

Basic, is what you need to take care of your nails. Besides, this is what most of the ladies out there don’t do. Good nail designs need a good nail to work on.

Wonder, you’re shaking hands with someone whose hands are dirty. Sand sticks to those hands and nails have dirt in them. Would you shake a hand?

Of course not, you won’t. Similarly, you need your nails to be clean and if your nails break doesn’t worry you have the solution to that.

Besides, there are way more things which you can do to keep your nails healthy and glowing.

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