60 best questions to ask your partner to get to know them better (2021)

Everyone loves their partner, the one with whom you share every moment together. Whether its good or they are there for you.

But what makes things difficult?

When one partner doesn’t understand the pace of the other one. In this case, what to do? What questions to ask your partner to get to know them better? 

What things do that makes them feel special?

Well, to be honest, relationships are about giving. Giving out more love, sharing more, caring more. 

And if you think you are not able to match the speed of your partner and not able to keep up. Here are a few things which will help you out in matching them. 

First of all, keep in mind NOT TO JUDGE, it doesn’t matter what the person was. The thing which matters is how the person is now. However, past situations can’t be changed but the future can be improved.

Know about the present

questions to ask your partner to get to know them better, knowing the present

Things won’t change if you don’t make a change. Knowing your partner’s habits is what can help you in getting to know them in a very subtle way. And if that also doesn’t help you out. 

The simplest way is to have a conversation.

What questions to ask your partner to get to know them better are you thinking of? 

Here are some to help you out. 

  1. What do you think of us together?
  2. Is anything more important to you than us?
  3. Are you doing what you love?
  4. Do you think of us when I’m not around?
  5. Why do you think I’m the only one?
  6. Do you have dreams about us?
  7. Do you like your personal space?
  8. Has anyone told you are the best?
  9. What makes you put so much effort?
  10. Have you ever thought that you deserve someone better?
  11. Are you happy?
  12. Is there something you want to share?
  13. What’s the one thing you’re too afraid to ask?
  14. Were you too shy to ask anything anytime?
  15. What’s one thing which motivates you?
  16. What inspires you everyday?

Knowing the best questions to ask your partner to get to know them better can be relieving, here are some of the best questions to ask your partner anytime and anywhere.

However, knowing only the present won’t work.

Get the details of the past and plans for the future!

Questions about PAST

know the past

Everyone goes through one thing or the other. But, what matters is where they are appreciated evenly. Most of us are busy with our lives so much that we often forget about the person who put out efforts for our living.

Knowing a person will not only build trust in you but also will bring you closer to them.

Remember to share your experiences, this will get the conversation going well. And share something which gives a good lesson or burst conversation into laughter.

What questions to ask?


Here you go.

  1. Did anyone give you a nickname?
  2. How were you treated by your cousins?
  3. What’s your favourite moment of your childhood?
  4. What was the best advice you ever got?
  5. How do you think things changed for you?
  6. Did you hate someone?
  7. What was the biggest failure?
  8. Did you regret anything of the past?
  9. Which is your biggest achievement?
  10. Have you felt proud of yourself?
  11. When did you last cry? Why?
  12. Did you lose something you loved the most?
  13. What was the biggest flaw you overcame?
  14. What was the worst phase you have been through?
  15. Which moments made a major shift in your personality?
  16. If you would get one thing to change about your past, what would it be?
  17. What became your biggest motivation?
  18. What was the biggest guilty pleasure?

These questions will let you know how the person has struggled through time. This will not only get the best out of them but also will let you raise a respect towards them. 

Adding to this, these conversations build a communication bridge between the two. 

Respect, trust and loyalty are what a person earns during these conversations. 

Fun questions to ask 

questions to ask your partner to get to know them better, fun questions to ask

Wondering questions to ask your partner to get to know them better won’t help. To make the conversation funny, you need to share some memories which can burst out in laughter.

Everyone has something or the other which they can share to make a funny conversation. 

Although, these will let you know how crazy a person could be.

What to ask?

  1. What was the weirdest thing you did as a kid?
  2. Which teacher hated you the most?
  3. Have you ever made out in public?
  4. Which moments gave you the best pleasure?
  5. What is the most useless talent you have?
  6. Do you got any dumbest injury?
  7. Have you ever screamed in public?
  8. Have you ever thought of killing someone, and they are standing in front of you?
  9. If you got any super power as a kid, what would you do?
  10. Do you still do dumb things you did as a kid?
  11. Which was the weird dream you had?
  12. If you got choice between money and love, what would you choose?
  13. Was there anything you were scared of as a kid?
  14. Were you obsessed with anything as a kid?
  15. Have you collected anything since your childhood?

These questions to ask your partner to get to know them better will let you know enough about them. This will break all the awkwardness between the two and you can take a step further in your relationship.

Romantic intimate questions to ask

romantic intimate questions

Every couple has intimacy, this keeps the spicy alive in the relationship.

You need to know what pleases your partner.

Well, this might help you in adding a lot of things to your relationship.


  1. Wanna foreplay tonight?
  2. How about pleasure night?
  3. Do you dream about me?
  4. What is your wildest fantasy about me?
  5. Is there something you want to try in bed?
  6. Can we have some private time tonight?
  7. Let’s go rough today.
  8. What makes you think of me?
  9. Can I touch you anywhere?
  10. Will bondage work?
  11. How about fulfilling your wildest fantasy.

These questions to ask your partner to get to know them better will work perfectly for you. 

How do you get to know your partner better questions?

1. How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
2. Do you have plans for us?
3. Do you think we’ll last long?
4. Do you have a fantasy about me?
5. Why do you think we’ll last long?
6. Have you got a thought of not having me?
7. What is your favorite memory about us?

What are some deep questions to ask?

1. What made you realize we should be together?
2. Do you still chase your dreams?
3. Would you sacrifice your dreams for us?
4. What’s your biggest fear?
5. Are you afraid to share something?
6. Have you ever got a thought of loosing me?

What are some personal questions?

1. When did you last cry?
2. What is your life biggest lesson?
3. Which things makes you better everyday?
4. What motivates you?
5. Who is the most important person to you?
6. Are you passionate enough to fulfill your dreams?

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