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15+ shocking reasons for breakup in a relationship 2021 (UPDATED)

Every relationship comes to a certain point where they understand that it’s time to move on. Besides, seeing the reasons for breakup and fixing them, most of the couples move on. 

If you were in a relationship, you would know what a breakup can do. Putting all efforts for one person, and they leave. 

That can be a pretty bad experience for a person’s life. Right?

Well, most of you would be wondering, where it all starts? what actually happens? What are the reasons for breakup? 

Let’s start from the starting.

start from starting, reasons for breakup

Where it all started? How it all started? Here’s how it started.

  1. You were strangers, met through someone or at an event or occasion. 
  2. Vibe clicked between you two. You talked to each other and became friends.
  3. That friendship took a great turn and you became special to each other, talking non-stop hours and hours with going out of topics. 
  4. This bond became so special you fell in love with each other.
  5. You were having the best moments of your life. 
  6. Something hit your partner, and things started going down the hills. You started fighting, miscommunication and misunderstanding or other reasons started growing. 
  7. You tried to talk but there was no solution coming out of it.
  8. You could understand and find the reasons for breakups. 
  9. Both of you finished everything and moved on and grew apart as strangers with a couple of memories. 

As soon as the first fight starts, reasons for breakup starts hitting the relationship. There are times when you don’t want to talk to your partner about it. 

But eventually, things begin to end up. This is the basic outline of every possible relationship which you see around yourself. But, reasons can be different for the couple. 

Now, we’re going to discuss the reasons for breakup which is commonly faced by a couple.

Before discussing the reasons for breakup, let’s know what actually breakup is.

What is a breakup?

When a couple discontinues their relationship and decide to move forward without each other. This usually happens when a couple is not able to fulfill their responsibility towards each other or one of them cannot do the same. 

Not coping up with each other can lead to the same. 

Besides, not keeping the responsibility or throwing the trust in trash behind your partner’s back can ruin the efforts and hard work of a relationship in just a few minutes. 

Now let’s catch onto the main part.

List of reasons for breakup.

List of reasons for breakup

There’s a long list of reasons for breakup, just have a look at the basics. 

Being to suspicious about everything

Well,there are a lot of things which go along with the relationship, but if you’re suspicious about everything your partner does. It becomes annoying and irritating for them. 

Asking about hundreds of questions can really become a turn off for a couple. 

This adds to breaking a person’s confidence and disturbing their personal space. This is one of the biggest reasons for breakup which many couples go through.

Third Person becoming more important

third person becomes more important

In a relationship, two people matter to each other, but when opinions of other people start to interfere in the relationship. Things go out of hand for them. 

It’s like a closed circle where two people understand each other and fix each other’s problems.

But it becomes difficult for the couple when a third person enters and their judgments start making the relationship vulnerable or broken. 

Start Lying

How would you react to someone whom you love, respect and trust, when they start lying to you? Obviously not good.

One of the major reasons for breakup is when this starts happening in it. 

Where one person blindly trusts the other one, and the other one makes their own way of lying and enjoying anything they want to. This often becomes a habit which breaks down the relationship very rapidly.

Taking each other for granted

taking each other for granted, reasons for breakup

Focusing on each other and taking decisions according to it makes a relationship stronger and better than ever.

When this starts coming into the relationship, understand it could be one of the reasons for breakup. This is what the other person won’t appreciate anytime in their life. 

How would you feel, if the person you love starts taking you for granted? Will you put out efforts to save your relationship? Maybe or maybe not. But you have a decision which you might not regret if you let the other person know how to treat you.

Cheating on your partner

“He/She cheated on me.” This is what we hear most of the time, when a person tells us about their past relationship. Common reasons for breakup. 

This can truly break a person’s heart and feeling. Sometimes, making them feel like they are worthless. 

But, what actually makes this up. A statement which is broken. 

Habits that go beyond limits

habits that go beyond limits

We all have bad habits that we don’t like fixing, but sometimes these bad habits could be the one of the reasons for breakup.

Drinking, smoking, or addiction of any other thing can become of those habits that can break anything apart.

It can be friendship, a person’s will, anything that comes in between. Controlling these habits can be the saviour for your relationship. Know the difference when the enjoyment starts and when addiction does. 

Not communicating or less communication

We all talk to someone or the other on a daily basis, right? If we take out that talking from our life how would you imagine your life?

Obviously, left out or you would be needing someone to talk to. 

Similarly, a relationship requires communication to stand. Good communication can make a relationship and a bad relationship can break it. 

If you’re not having good communication in your relationship, find a way to make it otherwise it would be one of the major reasons for the breakup of your relationship.

Misdirection of anger

What adds up to making things worse? Saying words which can upset a person. 

At a certain point we all have done this thing and regretted it later in time. When we need time for ourselves and someone comes and starts doing something which irritates you. Then you start shouting at them.

It’s ok if it’s done one or twice, but if this happens again and again, it would probably be one of the reasons for breakup. 

Being Non-supportive

being non supportive, reasons for breakup

Everyone needs to be cherished and appreciated at a certain point of time. Sometimes, people are at the point in their life and they need some push to get things their way.

And being non-supportive tears down their confidence into pieces. Not only this, if your partner does so, you’ll probably end up quitting that one thing, right?

But, if you are or your partner is non-supportive everytime, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

This might ruin a beautiful relationship and be one of the reasons for breakup.

Showing less emotions or no emotions

Everyone understands a fact when a person is less emotional or bad at expressing their emotions. But, not being able to express emotions can be fixed but showing no emotions cannot be fixed.

How could you not show emotions to someone you have feeling for? Either it’s a one way street and this is the reason for breakup or only the person is involved in a relationship and it’s time to break up.

This reason for breakup does not usually happen in one day, you lose emotions for someone slowly, but if you’re feeling this in your relationship. You should focus on yourself rather than on the relationship. 

Fixing yourself will fix the relationship by itself.

Fights/arguments become part of daily life

Arguments and fights are common in a relationship, but the way of fixing them is unique. But, if this happens often there’s a problem. 

How would you feel when you talk to a person on a daily basis, and rather than talking you start arguing? 

Obviously, it’ll become a turn off for you and the person as well. 

When this starts happening in a relationship, couples should understand their relationship is and these things are reasons for breakup.

However, if you overcome these problems, you’ll go along with your partner on a long journey.

Blaming become regular

blaming becomes regular

Everyone dislikes when they are being blamed everytime. Well, what happens after that?

Honestly, people start hating the other person who blames them, but what happens in a relationship? A person who is blamed starts breaking down. 

This eventually happens when a couple miscommunications or lacks trust in each other. This not only makes a relationship toxic but also constitutes reasons for breakup. 

Rather than blaming, if a couple sits and talks about the problem, seek the way out of it. Problems could be solved in a very subtle and clear way. 

Lack of efforts 

We all something or the other, just to keep it best we take care of it. 

Likewise, relationships require moments to be appreciated, remembered, cherished and loved to keep it healthy and growing. 

But, it lacks all these things, you’re not able to make memories out of it. 

This could be the reasons for breakup or time to move on and grow apart. We all have been in a place where we were not appreciated when we expected the most. 

The exact same happens in the relationship which makes it more hurtful and memorable in a bad way.

Words not followed by actions

We all love to talk about our ambitions and dreams. The feeling for it gives an adrenaline rush, everytime we think of it.

But what happens when these things add to a relationship, someone might promise you and set the bar for expectations which they cannot fulfill. 

Or after being in a relationship, the care, love and efforts get lost with time. This is what makes you uncomfortable for your partner and they start doubting you every time you do anything.

It is one of the major reasons for breakup with the couples. 

Not clearing misunderstanding

Not clearing misunderstanding, reasons for breakup

Relationships are special bonds which we share with our special ones. But when we have misconceptions sometimes it turns into argument. 

Which not only ruins a part of our relationship but also brings the differences between the two. 

However, making things more complicated, adding anger to it, totally spills the beans of relationship which might be lost forever. 

This is one of the neglected reasons for breakup which later turns to regrets. 

Carrying the past memories

Some people go through the worst, your partner could be one of those. But, what happens when you go along the route and can’t get hold of it? 

You’ll feel stuck!

Well, many people go through this phase. This not only can add anxiety but also can take various turns which won’t be a good time for a relationship to go through. 

This not only becomes reasons for breakup but also can weaken a person’s will. 

Assumptions become part of relationship

Intimacy with a partner requires many actions. Just assuming these actions won’t make anything, but not only this mostly assuming or taking the possibility of your partner’s action can turn your decision wrong.

This happens most of the time in our personal life decisions too.

But it can possibly turn into an argument when things go wrong in a relationship or could be the reason for breakup or ending of a relationship. 

Personal space is lost

We all love to spend some time alone, having a good vibe and enjoying ourselves is sometimes what we want, right?

But, when someone starts to interfere with that part of our life, there are two possibilities – either the person is very special or you’re too annoyed by that person. 

The relationship isn’t about taking away the personal space it’s about making things better including the personal space. But if that part goes missing a lot of it could go bad 

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