romantic moments

Romantic moments every couple has faced

Love life is full of surprises fights, brawls, fun, and a lot of romantic moments. Right?

Overcoming these all problems and still being together is a sign of true love and a healthy relationship.

Every relationship starts conversation going through some problems each and every day, but by the end of the day, trusting and taking care of the person beside you is what we call love.

But these days, people often confuse themselves with love and lust. Mostly when in a long-distance relationship.

Lust is simply a strong sexual desire which a person wants to fulfill. As soon as love comes in place things differ.

Relationships change in professional and personal life. Building a good working relationship helps in keeping the pace of good work whereas in personal life you need care, affection and especially time devoting to the special one.

Well, couples would remember these romantic moments when they first happened.

Expressing “I LOVE YOU” for 1st time

nervousness, expressing I love you, romantic moments

This becomes one of the most difficult things for everyone. Extreme nervousness and having a fear of losing the person gets you hard. Right? Well, most of you have made it through it and would be happy about it. Thinking of the first day of the proposal you might have a smile on your face.

Moving in together

moving in together

This is a dream for many couples. Long term relationship is pretty hardcore to maintain but people still do it. Often they know how to turntables. Moving in with a special person in your life makes it a lot better. This moment of your life has love and fun but in privacy.

1st anniversary

1st anniversary

Love birds are fond of maintaining love count very well. Spending years together makes their habit of not leaving the person. This moment raises the excitement of both the person in a relationship making a romantic moment of their life.

Meeting the parents

meeting parents

One of the toughest tasks for every person. Meeting the parents of the person you love and making a good impression on them is one of the biggest mission which every couple wants to finish. Moments before meeting nervousness can break the roof.

After all this, the bond which people share is unmeasurable. The moments cannot be created again but can be cherished together. Feeling while going through those moments can only be felt by those who have gone through these situations. Life is not the same for everyone but happiness is created for someone and return given is also happiness.


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