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10 ways for seeking a friend for end of the world

Looking at the current situation of the world, do you think that the end of the world is near? The climate change, the fear of world war, and the current pandemic are causing endless pain and loss. Are you seeking a friend for end of the world?

What’s happening around the globe is very clear to all of us. You are safe today but, you don’t know where you will be tomorrow.

So, one thing we all seek throughout our lives is a friend. A person with whom you can share everything you feel.

Who would be the friend you want for the end of the world?

Well, the best friend you can have is yourself. So, the friend you are seeking for the end of the world is no one but you.

If you feel like the world is ending, do all the things you like. Pamper yourself with your favorite food and drinks, take care of yourself, love yourself, and be your best mate.

Here are a few things you can do for yourself

  • Love a little more, hate a little less

love yourself

Love the special people in your life, a little more. Also, let go of the people you hate or the ones who hate you (They are all going to die anyway).

  • Eat all your favorite food, take care of the health too.


If you are seeking a friend for the end of the world, food is a great choice. Not only try different cuisines but also fruits. Try out some of the tastiest and healthiest foods in the world. Healthiest ones, just in case the world does not end.

  • Write a log

write a log

Get yourself a nice notebook, make notes of everything you wanted to do. Note all the good things you have done in your life. In addition, write about all the beautiful things you have seen. Also, forget about all the wrong things you did, you have learned enough if you can realize your mistakes.

  • Recall good memories

recall good memories

Think about all the good people in your life, contact them if you can. Talk to them, spend a little more time with them. Sit together and recall the memories. Likewise, seeking a friend for the end of the world will be easier with an old friend.

  • Make a picture wall


Paint a wall as you like and fill it with the printouts of all the happy pictures of yourself and your family and special people.

A lot of people might be worried and would still be seeking a friend for the end of the world, but guess what? You have so much to do before the world ends because you have got the friend you were looking for.

  • Travel places

travel, seeking a friend for the end of the world

Who does not like to travel and explore new places? Go to places, see the beauty of the world. Imagine, you have had your best day and you’re just tired. Similarly, you would feel the same feeling after traveling to the best place.

  • Do adventures


Try out some adventure games. You can go scuba-diving, para-gliding, bungee jumping, and so much more. Live to the fullest.

  • Try yoga or home workouts

yoga, seeking a friend out of the world

This will not just make you feel better and will distract you from the fear of the end of the world but also will help you sleep better. You will be a fit person if the world does not end. If it does, you will die fit and proud.

  • Sleep enough

sleep, seeking a friend for end of this world

Sleep more. It will not just be a part of your self-love routine, but you will be a lot happier if the world ends when you are asleep. Pro tip! Isn’t it? Also, if the world does not end, you will at least have a better sleeping pattern.

There is no loss in doing all these things, even if the world does not end. Moreover, you will have so many more memories to cherish. Also, you will have something to laugh about yourself that you were seriously seeking a friend for the end of the world and nothing happened.

  • Help the needy

help the needy

Everyone is seeking a friend for the end of the world, be that friend to the poor and needy. Besides this, you can make extra food, and give it to the people who sleep hungry. Feed the stray animals. Pet those stray animals. Visit old age homes and orphanages, make the people and kids there happy.

Be the person you were seeking for the end of the world for yourself.

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