sexially intimate questions to ask a guy

74 surprising sexually intimate questions to ask a guy (2021)

What turns on a guy? What makes a better partner? What traits do you need in turn on a guy?

This is what many women are confused about. Well, you need some good sexually intimate questions to ask a guy to get things done your way.


As a lady, everyone likes intimacy, love, compassion. And this is what gets these all at once. Men don’t always seek being slept, what they also seek in their partner is what makes them special to you.

Besides, going with intimate questions to ask your partner, follow sexually intimate questions to a guy when ever you feel like.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Keep it straight and clear: Men don’t like going around things that are confusing. “You ask it, you get it” this is the attitude they have when they love a person. Going turn and being unclear makes a turn off for them.
  2. Be playful: Whenever you want to get intimate with your man, you need to be playful and tease. This not only makes intimacy spicy but also interesting.
  3. Lay the basis for intimacy: Sleeping with someone is what most of us do the other day. But, setting the tone for it might not be the thing which you would do every time. Be the one setting the tone for it.

Sexually intimate questions to ask a guy

sexually intimate questions to ask a guy

Everyone wants to know what exact words to say to a person, right? Well, it depends on person, how they precieve them.

Here are some questions which might help you out.

  1. Do you like to get it hard or soft?
  2. Are you hard to play with?
  3. Is there something that could pleasure me?
  4. What is something I can do to pleasure you?
  5. Could you wipe your face, that’s the place where I want to sit?
  6. Can we do it your way?
  7. How about getting you relaxed?
  8. Would you mind if you get me a massage? Start from anywhere you want to.
  9. Can we start this every time I feel tired?
  10. Do you like when I do it your way?
  11. Can I taste you?
  12. Do you like when I bite your lip?
  13. Would you like a striptease?
  14. How you want me to dress tonight?
  15. I’ll start with a lap dance.
  16. How long do want to go?
  17. What is the hottest trait you think of me?
  18. How you want me to treat you in bed?
  19. Is there any sexual fantasy you want to fulfill with me?
  20. Do you enjoy time with me?
  21. Would you like to watch me pleasure myself?
  22. Let’s try bondage?
  23. What foreplay will suit me the best?

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Flirty Questions to ask a guy

flirty questions to ask a guy

Flirting is one of the best playful traits you could go around and get anything from a man. Besides, it becomes one of the best thing to do to build a good relationship with a friend or partner.

This is a step before you go for sexually intimate questions to ask a guy.

Curious to know what exact flirty questions to ask a guy?

  1. What’s one thing about me that turns you on?
  2. Thongs or stocking?
  3. From where do you start while giving me a massage?
  4. Do you like me to be submissive?
  5. Tight jeans or skirts?
  6. What pleasures you?
  7. What is your type?
  8. Am I the perfect woman for you?
  9. How would you react if I got possessive over you?
  10. Shall I wait for you in the bedroom?
  11. Can you help me get relaxed?
  12. Have you got thought of me while being alone?
  13. How do you want me to comfort you?
  14. Do you like being called dominant?
  15. How do you want your perfect lady to be?
  16. What’s the one thing you fantasize about us?
  17. Is there something I could do to impress you?

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These questions will set the tone and you can pursue your man accordingly. This will not only make things enjoyable for both of you but also will let you know how exactly your man reacts to such conversations.

Having a fun conversations will lead to fun questions, but having a deep conversation will lead to deep questions. So do the conversation accordingly.

What exactly grabs attention for him and what does not.

Romantic Questions to ask a guy

romantic questions to ask a guy, sexually intimate questions to ask a guy

Romance is what most of us enjoy, right? We love when someone appreciates and adores us.

But which is the moment which makes us believe that this is exactly what we need? That moment when someone admires and respect what we actually are.

Accepting the flaws are some what more important than sexually intimate questions to ask a guy. Comforting them, and standing by their side or getting them on a romantic date can do much more than you could imagine.

  1. What attracted you to me?
  2. When did you realize I was the one?
  3. Is there something you’re too afraid to tell me?
  4. What makes you so hardworking?
  5. Is there anything that makes things better for you?
  6. Which moment do you appreciate the most about us?
  7. What remind you of me?
  8. Is there anything you miss about us?
  9. What is your dream girl?
  10. Would do date me if we studied together in high school?
  11. What makes you a more prominent person?
  12. How do you bear so much about us?
  13. What is your instant go-to move?
  14. Would you like to pleasure me after this date?
  15. What do you really find attractive in us?

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These questions can also have follow-up questions which you can use according to the situations. These are sexually intimate questions to ask a guy whenever you feel like.

Remember to keep the conversation about the person, this will make a good and healthy conversation without any awkwardness.

What are some good freaky questions to ask a guy?

1. What is your craziest fetish?
2. Which body part do you love the most?
3. What instantly turns you on?
4. How do you want to be treated?
5. Did you ever feel special?
6. Have someone made you feel special?
7. Do you like when I touch you?
8. What is sense of love for you?

What’s a flirty question to ask a guy?

1. Making out or cuddles or both?
2. What was the best time for you?
3. Do you like going solo?
4. Can you pleasure me?
5. Do you ever think of me?
6. How about getting you your perfect date?

How do u flirt with a guy over text?

1. You shall know how to be playful around the person.
2. Tease them, give them a nickname to tease.
3. Ask open-end questions.
4. Give them a reason to remember you.
5. Compliment whenever necessary.
Well, there’s much more to this. There are several ways for sexually intimate questions to ask a guy which you can use.

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