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Simple ways to apply primer like a Pro

Have to go out to a party and smudging is worrying you? Well, most likely things have to change. Makeup primer is one which can solve problems too. Moreover, primer even tones skin, hide fine lines and smoothens the surface of the skin for better makeup. Every makeup artist suggests applying primer before use of any makeup product on the face. Primer adds a lot to make up as it acts as a layer between face and makeup to give a flawless look.

Know your face skin

While picking up primer many things are to be looked after. Skin plays a major role in. A person should know its skin

how to apply primer, carevaretype to get perfect primer according to it. Various skin types have various primer which can help do wonders and help to make trolls of a person. Correct primer plays a major role in it.

Hydration is important

Before using a primer, hydration of skin is important. Wash face and clean it thoroughly. After washing use a gentle moisturizer for skin top keep it hydrated. Wait for at least 15 mins so that moisturizer can skin in.

How to apply primer

Now the main question arises How to apply Primer. Basically, it’s a very easy task to do. After applying the how to apply primer, carevaremoisturizer wait for 15 mins. take you the primer and apply two drops of it on the back of your hand. the primer can be applied with the help of fingers only. Now using finger, place dots of primer on face.

While applying on forehead fingers should move outwards, same goes with a nose. After this is done, fine lines, pores seem to be reduced. The texture of the skin will reduce and will look smooth.


Sometimes there are some precautions to look after while applying and before applying a primer.

  1. The foundation and primer should be of the same content.
  2. Face should be hydrated before using a primer.
  3. Applying any makeup product let the primer dry for at least 10-15 mins.