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11 best ways for starting a long distance relationship 2021

If starting a long distance relationship was something we could do online. We would have received such mails in our inbox.

“Congrats! You have just entered the most exciting roller coaster ride of your life. Hold tight! It will be worthful to you.”

Well, these words would be understood by those who are going through a long distance relationship. Not only this, there are a lot of drawbacks which most of us won’t appreciate.

Can you live without feeling the person physically? Can you not feel insecure about them being in the other place?

Most of us will answer it with a simple “NO!”, right? Don’t worry. Here are few things which you need to know while and before starting a long distance relationship.

Before starting any relationship with a person, not necessarily starting a long distance relationship. Ask yourself this set of questions. If you have the answer to these questions you’ll have the answer to be in a relationship with a person or not.

Questions to ask yourself before starting a long distance relationship

questions to ask yourself before starting a long distance relationship
  • Do you really want a relationship or a commitment?

Many amongst us are those who are afraid to commit to a major decision. Though after a point it becomes necessary, this is one of those things which if you explain to the person in front of you, he/she would appreciate it. There are a lot of of things which crowds a person, and rather they don’t get personal space to make decisions.

  • Is time investing worthful?

Being in a relationship is a two way street. If you stay loyal, you get loyalty in return. And if you think that it’s what not you’re getting, there’s no point for you being in a relationship.

  • Does it effect your personal space?

Having personal opinions and sharing with someone who doesn’t respect it need to be out of your life. This not only becomes a drag down for you but also you start losing faith in yourself.

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Honestly, the biggest question which you might be wondering is “How to start a long distance relationship?”. The answer to this questions is very simple, follow the steps given below.

Know if the person is worth it?

know if the person is worth it

We all love to be around the person who makes us feel better everytime we meet them, right? This is what this heading means. Being in a relationship with a person who has you back everytime you need it, is what you expect.

Adding to this, if you think that the person you love deserves better, you work for it. Making every moment worth it for each one of you.

If a person knows what you past and present is, that doesn’t make them worth it. The one trait which makes that person worth it that they doesn’t use you for their own purpose.

Before starting a long distance relationship you need to have a feeling of being vulnerable which makes a relationship more exciting.

Accept not to able to talk everyday

accept not able to talk everyday, starting a long distance relationship

It’s obvious to think you can’t talk to someone every time. You get bored at a certain point of time.

Besides, things go a step ahead when you are in a relationship which has a distance. Sometimes, you don’t know the routine of a person or schedule of a person.

And, not being able to talk, gets more tension in a relationship. This is a part where mutual understanding comes in play.

Not being able to talk is not cheating but accepting the fact that someone could be busy with something important is what makes you wiser in your relationship.

Having faith is necessary because of this.

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FACT: It’s ok to be insecure sometimes

feeling of insecurity

Relationship is a roller coaster ride. There’s a wave of emotions for it. Most of the times you love, fight, appreciate, respect and have fun with each other. Spending time together makes it more interesting.

However, there are times when we feel insecure about our partner. We all agree to that right?

The fun part is it takes things a step further in a relationship.

Insecurities are where a relationship begins to take turns, it becomes the most crucial where a person knows if they have their partner’s back or not.

Find a way to stay connected

find a way to connect, starting a long distance relationship

Being connected today is one of the easiest things which you do. Unlike in the past, where you would write a letter, it would take a month or more or less to reach. Then your partner would write a letter back and it would take time to reach.

But today, you pick up your phone and dial the person you want to talk to.

Staying connected not only let you knows what a person is up to but also bring closer to each other in a certain way.

While starting a long distance relationship, you need to find a way to connect. Fixing a time slot gets you there.

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Make your way out of problems

make your way out of the problem

You deal with problems almost every other day in your life. Similarly, starting a long distance relationship or any relationship has its own problems.

But, how to fix it is the main question.

Many relationships fail because of the issue that they don’t know how to solve the problems. Rather than talking, partners start blaming each other which makes things worse.

You need to find the solution to the problems by yourself. Simply by talking problems are solved.

Appreciate the little efforts

starting a long distance relationship, appreciate little efforts

Just to build one thing there’s a lot of effort which both partners put in starting a long distance relationship.

Is there anyone to appreciate them?

Maybe not! Except your partner. This is what you could do. Appreciating the fact of not giving up could make up day for your partner. Everyone loves compliments for their hardwork.

And if this makes your partner happy, why won’t you do it?

We love to see the person happy we love. This would be one of those moments which they would remember during the lifetime.

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Set milestones together

set milestones together

Being a couple, you would have set couple goals together, right?

Every couple does. But what makes it more exciting. Making memories and living the best life with someone you love becomes the best experience for someone.

Not only couple goals but personal ambitions are also been pushed when you have a responsibility.

Surprises make it special

surprises are best, starting a long distance relationship

How would you feel if someone you love surprises you out of nowhere?

Happy, shocked or there could be other possibilities of reaction. Well, this is what makes everything worthful and memorable. Sending gifts or something which makes them remember you is what makes them feel special.

This treatment is what most of us expect but don’t get. It is important at every stage of relationship doesn’t matter if you’re starting a long distance relationship or in a relationship.

Giving it to someone you truly think deserves it makes it memorable for you as well. And relationship is not what you get, it’s about the value you add to the other person.

Meet them whenever you get a chance

meet whenever you get a chance

One of the most crucial part for relationship is being there for someone that needs you.

But, before starting a long distance relationship you should understand that you won’t be able to meet your partner everytime you want to or they need you to.

This is one of the reason what makes it more difficult.

Instead, the wait is worth it. When you meet the love of your life for the first time, you feel relaxed and more than happy. This is what makes it a roller coaster ride. Keeping in mind, goodbyes are one of the hardest part.

We all know the feeling of sending someone far away where we can’t stay with them and see them grow in their life.

Never invade the personal space of your partner

starting a long distance relationship, never invade personal space

Communicating too much can be dangerous for you.

Invading someone’s personal space is what makes it more complicated and worse. If your partner is busy and you’re free. It doesn’t mean that your partner would be able to talk to you.

This makes a bad impact on a your relationship. Giving a person their own time and respecting that makes you a better human than others around them.

This will almost back fire while starting a long distance relationship.

How long do distance relationships work?

Starting a Long distance relationship is just like any other relationship which you see but the only difference it needs more patience than a regular one.
1. You need to find a way to connect whenever necessary.
2. Appreciate every moment which you spend together.
3. Surpises work best.
4. Accept the fact of talking every day.

What kills long distance relationships?

There are several factors that put a relationship at a stake, it doesn’t matter how long you were with the person.
1. Hiding something which your partner won’t appreciate.
2. Cheating – which often slams a person’s trust
3. Lying, people tend to often lie about something or others which puts relationships in a bad position.
4. Not putting out enough effort for the person.

What should you not do in a long distance relationship?

1. Never have less faith in your partner
2. Being too insecure
3. Not respecting personal space
4. Being too pushy for everything you or your partner does

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