dreamwalk fashion show

These things you should know about Dreamwalk Fashion Show

Everyone is fond of looking better and better every day. But, sometimes things don’t happen our way. Various fashion shows happening around the world. Here, is something special about the Dreamwalk Fashion Show. Do you what?

Showcase yourself is the best way to make your identity. That is what these two sisters Alyse and Lexi Scaffidi did. Not only these two sisters have gained attention but have done something appreciable. Likewise, back in 2017, they both started a show naming “Anti-Victoria Secret Fashion show”. Gaining too much attention from the crowd they had done more.

dreamwalk fashion show

Breaking the walls of the fashion show, these two really did something unexpected. Both of these gather 21 models of different shapes, sizes, weights and made them models for the show.

Moreover, doing the 2nd annual “Dreamwalk Fashion show” of 2018 and surprising the world, the 3rd annual Dreamwalk Fashion is organizing a Live Nation’s Gramercy Theatre in New York City on Sunday, September 15, 2019.

Besides, as there is a range of models in the fashion show an amputee, one on a wheelchair, tattooed and many more. Letting the world know that every lady is beautiful and comes in every shape and size. This being the reason it was named Anti-Victoria Secret.

People usually hear that many organizations work for social welfare too. This is among them. Not only these two have got their mindset too got but their execution is more appreciable. The ambitious duo also runs a health and fitness brand named BiteSizedFitness. Moving ahead a model on a wheelchair and one with a prosthetic leg was on a catwalk to show their beauty.

Unlikely, compared to Victoria’s Secret and Moschino fashion shows these two sisters have led to a change in the mindset of people around the world. And bringing a better chance to a society where no one can compare others as it counts that everyone is beautiful.