updos for long hair

Top 6 updos for long hair celebrities do

Already late, hairstyle not perfect yet? Updos for long hair will help you out

No matter what hair length you have short, medium or long. Updo works for every length.

But, do you know how to do updos for long hair? Don’t worry you’ll get a solution to it too. This hairstyle fits in when you’re in a rush. Best help at times of emergency.

Many of you might be thinking that they have got a way to get up late and get ready fast.

Bombshell updo

updos for long hair

One of the easiest updos which a lady can do. Yes, you read it right. All you need to do is, make a messy bun and curl the rest of the hair. That’s all. Time-saving updo. Moreover, a lot of celebrities do this hairstyle. This hairstyle is best suitable for medium length or long length hair.

Topknot updo

updos for long hair

Updos don’t take time, we all know that. Surprising everyone by getting ready than them is the best thing you can do. Right? Well, in this case, you don’t need to do anything. Just wrap a high ponytail using a hairband and you’re done. Besides, messier the hair more elegant look it provides you.

Loose braid

updos for long hair

Want to make hairstyle unique and best? This hairstyle is for you. Messy hair and still looking perfect is what updo is. For this hairstyle, you need to do braids and then wrap then in a messy bun or use hairband for it. It’ll look best with a formal dress or on a family occasion.

Chic updo

chic updo

One of the most polished hairstyles in terms of volume, texture, topknot, and chignon. A chic updo has a lot of variations that are widely used among various celebrities. The topknot is common of all these updos. This updo has its way of modern and vintage styles.

Twisted bun

twisted bun

Twisted bun works perfectly when you have a date and that dress that looks perfect on you. This updo by itself has a lot of variations. But discovering the common and the best one is a low twisted bun. Not only this, it can go the best with formal as well as family occasion or in any hardcore party and for the beach.

Half up half down

half up half down

A little bit confusing but the best hairstyle of updo. Ones you are done deciding how much hair you want to set loose and how much you want to tie up, you’re done 80% of styling. variations are various but working best for long hairs is what this hairstyle is all about.


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