formal hairstyle for medium hair

7 top formal hairstyle for medium hair you can do

Difficulty in having a formal hairstyle for medium hair. Not anymore.

Well, it confusing when and where which type of hairstyle will work best.

Besides, having a formal dress and a funky hairstyle can make you weird as well as funny at the same time. It’s like wearing pajamas to a business meeting.

Hair length makes it easier and difficult for hairstyling at the same time.


updo for medium hair,

Updos to date don’t have any perfect styling for a specific dress. This hairstyle can be done anytime anywhere you want to. This styling looks difficult to many but it isn’t. Many easy updos that every woman can do on a specific occasion to look better and best among the crowd.

Bob cut

bob cut

Massive variations that you can add to this hairstyle. One of the most versatile hairstyles for medium hair. Not only this, layered bobs and shaggy bobs are favorites. These two variations are most used among women even by celebrities. Giving them a flip overlook from the 90s can also be done for vintage fashion.

Messy bun

messy bun, hairstyles for medium hair

We all know how much time a woman takes to get ready. That is obvious, looking perfect in any form takes time. Right ladies? If any lady wants a cool look that you can exhibit. This one is best for you. Funky hairstyle with perfect hair length. This hairstyle works best with a formal hairstyle for medium hair.

Long ponytail

ponytail, hairstyle for medium hair

The best solution for hairstyle when you’re confused about what to hairstyle to choose. Ponytails have evolved with time with different variations making a lady look best with a formal outfit. Driving attention to hairstyling with medium hair length.

French braid

french braid. hairstyle for medium hair

A person with more bold features can have this hairstyle. French braid makes you look more confident and classic every time you do it. Besides, it makes your personality unmatchable by anyone who is around you. One of the underrated hairstyle but can stun anyone if done perfectly.



Most famous hairstyle back in this decade. This hairstyle is followed by ladies in their early 20s which suits best for them. Moreover, no extra styling is needed for this hairstyle. Simple haircut with an edgy cut making you look flawless, what else do you want?

Adding bangs and volume

bangs and volume

Well, this is one of the best things you can do to make your hair look better. We all know bangs look perfect on every girl but adding volume makes her perfect. Why not a guy fall for a girl like this. Bangs and volume are deadly combinations that you can add to your hairstyling bag. 

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